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oh my goddd words can't describe how much fun i was having playing this game!!! this game is absolutely beautiful beyond words; i found myself just stopping my playthrough to stare at the game and appreciate not only it's art--but the GUI that you made for this!(i checked my playtime and i spent literally a solid 30 minutes of doing just that instead of reading dialogue. i got it bad) and not to mention, the designs for the characters aren't boring at all! everyone's designs are so indicative of their character from the get go(though i have to admit my fave is sebastien so far) also everyone in this game is such a looker??? my eyeballs just felt so pleased!! when i first looked at this, i was actually quite surprised to find that you're such a small studio! the amount of effort and love you put into this game makes it feel like this made by a much bigger studio/company, it's really quite astounding! from the demo alone, you can really tell that this is--and is going to be a very high quality game!

speaking of the characters, the writing for this game is so well-done! i really found myself immersed in the lore you made for this game, and the worldbuilding you've done for it. the whole concept of necromancers being used for such a purpose is actually quite cool! i'd love to actually read more about it in something like a book? also, not only did you make me so invested in the world of the game, i'm super smitten by the characters?? like throughout the game i've really come to appreciate all of them that i honestly am going to find it hard even deciding which person's route to start with! though, i will admit, my favorite introduction out of all the characters has DEFINITELY been kierdan. there was so much already said about his character from that one scene at the front desk, and the way he handled it was so telling of his core virtues. you can absolutely tell he genuinely cares about accommodating for people who actually need it; he's a sincerely very righteous person, underneath all that coldness! that scene in particular was so impressive, and really telling of your skills as a writer. it's hard to think of a scene in other dating sims that really capture the true essence of a character in just one scene! you really have a way with bringing characters to life, it's really impressive!

unfortunately, i'm a very broke high schooler, so i don't think i can back up the kickstarter--but i will definitely be keeping my eye on this game! it's been a while since i've enjoyed a game as much as this one, sorry for going on a little rant here OTL but i really wanted to let you know my feelings on this!! i can't wait to get a hold on the full game!! 

(im DESPERATELY hoping you reach your stretch goals because i would SELL my ORGANS to even be able to woo sebastian or jori ;A; we can do it guys WE CAN DO IT)

Hi there!

Thank you so much for playing the demo and taking the time to write an in-depth comment! You definitely don't have to apologize for writing too much, haha. I loved hearing your thoughts about the demo, and I'm so flattered by the positive compliments! 

Yes, the studio is just one person i.e. me, but I'm lucky that I have a team of super talented and dedicated freelancers to work on various aspects of the game! So I definitely have to give credit to them for giving it their all on the creation of all the game assets!

Ahhhh I'm really happy to hear you enjoy the writing! I agonized over the script so much and kept rewriting and editing because I wasn't happy with it, and I was worried about how it would be received, haha. So I'm really glad that it turned out well in your opinion!

No worries about not being able to back the Kickstarter! I totally understand that not everyone's circumstances allow for it, and I really appreciate that you are even interested in the Kickstarter campaign! And just spreading the word about the game would help a lot already :) So thank you so much! 

I definitely hope Jori's and Sebastien's routes can be unlocked too... I have such exciting things planned for them. I'm going to be really disappointed if I can't make them into reality, haha. Let's cross our fingers for luck!