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Great game, Nice concept! Love the emissive coat you gave before publishing :D Now we need the back 9!

Everything was amazing, art, sound, mechanics! Only critique I have is personally, I feel like there's perhaps too many panels @ the very beginning of the gameplay.. Ramp it up slowly, so its easier/faster to see more of the game and what mechanics, setups there are to keep me playing. 

webGL doesn't work for me

Love the art and atmosphere! The way it is currently tho, I would have the dice roll a bit quicker unless there's other things going on.. and I would implement many-a-more special die to keep the game interesting! :) btw, I felt robbed @ first. I was up 70 to 10 and then rolled bad rolls until it was 10 10 and then we tied up twice before winning by 1.. I was stressing. Dice be like that sometimes

Great game! I feel the pacing was a bit fast.. The fun factor is definitely there! The only thing C would suggest is having the dice play bigger role or at least make it seem like they are. Like I feel colors make sense and feel important, but I don't feel that with Dice.. Clicking different numbered dice that are shown with different starting faces all end up feeling like the same random number generator. There's no decision making between clicking a 2 @ the top or a 5 near the bottom as long as I'm hunting something that color will give me.. But that's a minor gripe, Well done!

Great game! Looks real polished, the sfx were good, background and aesthetic felt good, and the gameplay was solid and went well with the overall appeal! The only thing i saaw overall was an audio bug, when physics, like the turning obstacle would push ur player around i guess it was playing the audio every collision resulting in the bRrrrrrrr sound.

Really fun game.. Nice introduction to the movement set.. Only critique is the bg audio loop needed to be longer, had to mute it really soon.. but ofc great feature to let me turn down just the bg audio :thumbsup: well done

Love it! Top marks

What is that audio?

🍬 here

--- catch my devlogs on my youtube channel!


Glad you liked it!

We definitely need to rebalance / expand on the tutorial.. It supposed to be difficult but lots of people are having trouble grasping the main mechanics.

Thanks for playing, and for the kind words.. I plan to continue and develop this further.. I'm always looking for ideas and suggestions.. I'm currently working on a black hole ;) If u wanna keep up to date plz follow.. And my youtube page will have devlogs of the process as well..
Cheers Friend!


You should definitely check out this game.. It's dark and gritty and the I loved the atmosphere.. I'm not quite sure, but I think its still in development. From where I'm sitting it has soo much potential and I hope the Dev continues to put in the effort I've seen so far..

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Dude, its good to see you on itch! I used your kit to learn from like a year ago!

If you want you can check out my prototype..
The character is a custom character controller..
All built from scratch and with some well gained knowledge from looking over your project..

Gotta admit, when I first looked through it I didn't know about prefabs.. Why the player was spawning in, how interfaces functioned or what they even were.. I've since learned a lot.. And your project helped a lot!

This guy is solid!

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Thank you!! So much more to come.. I see you didn't quite notice you could read the signs.. Oh and A shame you didn't return to the stairwell of your house. (The Starting Location) to see all the wealth you accumulated :)..

Regardless, Thanks for Playing!!

I encourage you to give it another try.. It's more than just a walking simulator now :P

Now there's somewhat of a point! :D

Oh, no problem mate,  Its hard to share the project with friends, beta testers, and to whoever else I wanna show it off. Maybe not the best platform for it but I've never used itch and figured I'd try to keep the updates coming on here.. It's more simple than my other methods and when I discovered the DevLog, I think it'll work out well..

But yea man, I'm mainly a graphic artist but I am pretty good at Math and taught myself to code html as a teenager.. I found Unity wasn't anything super hard to get into and like anything, it just takes a little drive.. So I made the plunge and so far I think it's turning out pretty well..

I'm going to keep updates rolling out as quick as I can and try to keep well illustrated DevLogs to help other people get involved.. With weapons and targets coming out next week, and also a new wall climb and slide mechanic, if you found it interesting.. Please continue to check in!!

Its just a prototype for a character controller.. (the players movement)..

no point to it really.. Just putting it out there to share with other Developers / get tips/ advice etc.. Then when it's all finished and coded effectively I will release it as an Asset for newly inspired Game Developers.. :)