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You're right, it's not that hard to get 100k points once you get the controls. The way you took is also one of the easiest routes through the city. Never thought on a walk through of my prototype. But I like it, thank you! :)

About the maps, I'm not sure if this project will be continued yet.

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Hey, thank you for taking a look into the prototype. Please keep the video up. I'm still struggling with myself if I should continue in that project. There is a similar looking game on mobile devices called Poke. Btw. that one tunnel crash in your video was a probably a bug, usually you're invincible while driving through tunnels. Anyways, thanks and I'm glad you like it.

Edit: Also this one looks quite fun too.

Hey another let's play of that game. Thank you very much. Glad you like it! :

Hey, thanks for the Video and the credit! I like it :)

Another long list of improvements. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the feedback! As many of the raised points I get, I totally agree with your topics too. Like the tunnel thingy. I just made the car not destroyable for a second or so. It's dirty but works for the basic concept of the prototype. Since some of your topics are also good for other game projects, I'll put your feedback on my todo lists as well.

Really - thanks a lot for your feedback, also I glad you like it and I agree with the topics you raised here. Some of them are already on my list, but I'll add the missing ones too :)

Hey, just found out about that one. Yeah it's probably a similar concept. My one was just a prototype for the graphics and I took Chicago'90 from my C64 as the base and made it as a endless driving thing. It's nothing special on that kind of games I guess, but I like from Pako that the controls looks more advanced.

Yes, unfortunately that happens on some system configurations. Try holding down the control key while starting the game. That should show up the Unity3D config screen. It allows to change the target render display.

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Good question, let's try

And thanks a lot!

Hey man, thanks for the video reply! I enjoyed it a lot! :) Mobile platform is a good point I tested it already, with some control schemes.

Thanks a lot. I actually rebuild the UI three times until it wasn't that messy for such simple tasks. Glad you like it.