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Hey, thank you for taking a look into the prototype. Please keep the video up. I'm still struggling with myself if I should continue in that project. There is a similar looking game on mobile devices called Poke. Btw. that one tunnel crash in your video was a probably a bug, usually you're invincible while driving through tunnels. Anyways, thanks and I'm glad you like it.

Edit: Also this one looks quite fun too.

I'll check out that suggestion soon. If you want my two cents, as long as your game is unique in any sort of way, you shouldn't feel like you're ripping someone else's game off. You put the effort into making it sure! Best of luck with whatever your future endeavours may be, I'll keep an eye out for any of your other projects!

Also I found the Apocalypse mode by accident while playing around on my own time. Clever, and difficult to get!