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hi. when you go into a level you are supposed to cause as much chaos as possible the reach the max stress in as little time as possible

so far my favorite theme. good job. if i find any issues i will leave a new comment under this one but so far first impressions are very good>

thanks for the feedback. in a future release the wind speed will be 3X faster.

thanks i put a lot of effort into the atmosphere and i agree the rewind was too slow but in a future version it will be 3X faster than is is now

thanks for the reply. i have made the rewind speed 3X faster and when the jam is over i am planing to update it

thanks for the feedback. i am going to look into fixing it for a future release

very interesting game. i did like it tho.

if anyone wants to check out my game here it is

nice game. like the art style a lot. the only thing that i can complain about is the bullets are just round balls. other than that i like it alot.

heare is my game if anyone wants to check it out

i really like the graphics and the music. the controls where a bit weird but other than that i really like the game.

cool game. i like the simplicity of it.

Great game. love the graphics, sound design,animations. over all a very solid game.

Good game. i had fun playing it :)

cool game. like the atmosphere a lot. i think it is cool how you implemented the theme.

thanks for the feedback. means a lot

Great game over all. music is on point. graphics are great. i realy like this game.

thanks for the feedback I will definitely be looking into changing it.

great game. not sure what else i can say besides good game

Great game but it is a bit hard to figure out the puzzle. i would suggest making it to where after so many deaths you get a tip about what you need to do.

fun game. the pixel shader makes it a bit hard to aim. other than that great game

Love this game it is so polished and the music is amazing love the graphics. 10/10 for me

cool game. i like how you implemented the theme. i am surprised by how complex it is for the time you had to work on it.

Thanks for the comet. I do agree that the rewind system needs some work. I have got some feed back saying the same thang about the speed of the player so i am going to tweak that some more to.

Thanks for the feed back! I definitely agree that the rewinding you back needs some work. i got a late start so i didnt have enough time to work on it more.

ok thanks i will look into that

game is not scaling right it is to big on my screen

cool gamg. ui duse not scale right