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Thanks a lot for this neat tutorial, user-friendly at its best.

All the best.

Thanks a lot for sharing this, really useful information.                  All the best

Beautiful tracks, thanks for sharing. I'll provide due credit once my project finds its way to life. 

Hi, I'll be looking for a street coffee shop, office/lab room (not easy to find if you want a lab suitable for different occasions) and a green area (park with a trail belonging to a condo, like a common area).

I'm going to buy your pack, even if I don't use all of them. This will take time but credit will be given to all community for the assets used.

Thank you for your words, all the best.


This one minute track is endless, thanks a lot.

Great atmospheric looping tracks. Thanks for sharing these.

Another great pack. Thanks for sharing.

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These are some great tracks, suitable for scenes/events of various kinds. Thanks a lot for sharing with the community.

Hello there, 

Will you be adding more backgrounds to the pack soon? I'm starting to create a small project using Renpy, characters will be in 2D, it's a small project and the first one as well.

There will be no animations, just trying to create an appealing plot and believable characters. 

Do all of your backgrounds have time variation (day/night)? Some might not make sense of course, but the ones that natural light are present. 

Thanks and all the best.