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Thank you for kind words! :)
One more question. Which IDE are you using for development? Is it Visual Studio? If yes, have you got ReSharper plugin that extends VS capabilities? We don't have that because it is too expensive for us for now, but it seems worth buying.

I am totally fall in love with your game!

It seems to be a mix of my childhood games: Jazz Jackrabbit and Battletoads but on wheels.

Good luck and waiting for the next updates :)

Hi Guillermo. Nice to meet you. I know your game from the TIGSource forum :) I must say your game look totally great! I have two questions to you:

1) Did you play the Serious Sam #1 or #2? And if yes, are you inspired by this game in any way?

2) How do you feel with developing it in Unity3D? Do you like this engine or maybe you wish you did another choice in the past?

We are developing our game in Unity3D too and generally we love this engine but the worst part of the all development tools is the Visual Studio (MonoDevelop too).

Good luck with your game! We are following you :)

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our devlog! Firstly, I want to mention that we'll be posting news here twice a week: every Wednesday & Saturday, so keep an eye out! With some gameplay GIFs out yet, we felt it was important to talk about the current state of our game, so here we are.

What is Blocky Farm? [no game logo yet]

Blocky Farm is a mobile farm manager with a strong focus on animal care. The game is being developed by us - Jet Toast. It will be released on iOS devices in Q1 2016 and the development process has started around the end of September 2015.


Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook

Who are Jet Toast?

We are a Polish duo of game developers with a specific sense of humour. Some months ago we quitted our day-jobs and started developing Blocky Farm in September 2015. We have an experience in making mobile games and apps for other companies. We put everything on the one card and we want to create the first joint mobile game for our savings so wish us a luck! :)


  • Unity3D & Visual Studio
  • MagicaVoxel for 3D models
  • Jira for task management
  • Crucible for code review
  • Scrum methodology to keep neverending progress

Gameplay GIFs on placeholder graphics ;)

Playing with dog #1

Playing with dog #2

Animal wearables

Building construction process

Tractor prototype

Shaking fruit trees

First official graphics renders!

Cherry orchard

Wheat field

Barbecue Grill



We hope you've liked it and we would be thankful for *any* feedback! :)


Here we will be posting links to the next updates. Previous episodes (from #0 to #12) of our devlog you can find on Tumblr.


Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook


Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Best, Tobiasz from Jet Toast team.