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Thank you so much for the feedback! <3
I am glad you two enjoyed it. Perhaps I'll consider an android port if I figure it out :p

A very cool little puzzle game. Got my head scratching a couple of times, but overall a lot of fun. Well done! ^.^

 This was a lot of fun trying to figure out where the final destination was based on the signs. The visuals and controls were coherent and play very well.
I got a final score of 105,000.
Very good game! ^.^

Oh goodness, those poor animals who arrive in the center :O
Simple but fun, very nice! ^.^

Thank you! <3

Oh this is a very relaxing game, and the sound effects are really soothing. I got to island 10, and I'd say my time was spent well.
(Those 3x3 tiled houses were near impossible to place tho >.> )
Well done! ^.^

The simple stealth-like gameplay was to my liking, as well as the very cute graphics. Well done! ^.^

Well done for a new team. Perhaps a couple of bugs, but the toiletpaper yo-yo hookshot was a pretty fun mechanic.

I'd have to say, it was a bit stressful, but a lot of fun too. The escape alarm was perhaps a bit loud, but the other sound effects were pretty cute. Nice game, well done. (Also, the 'they are at your home somehow' did make me giggle.)

Here is mine, I hope it will be enjoyable!
  Across the ice pack

This is pretty cool, and nice effects!

I love the graphics and the sounds!

It would be nice if the player was more centered on screen, but otherwise a fun and cute game!

Thank you so much! <3

Perhaps work a bit more on the camera, because  you are almost unable to see where to move. Other than that it was pretty cute and nice.

Surprisingly fun. A pizza with only mushroom and pepper sounds like a pizza I would eat xd

It was pretty fun to play. The car gave me a heartattack though. xd

I really like the style.

Thank you kindly, I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^.^

Deer! is my first full game. It's an action platformer about a deer, like any other deer, going on an adventure. 
It contains impactful powerups, multiple boss battles, and 3 areas to explore and conquer. As well as a secret ending.

You can get the game here:

A very unique experience. Well done, it was worth my time  :)