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Sopio Bear

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Great homebrew

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate you testing on GBC hardware as well, I didn’t have one to test

Neat procedurally generated world/environments. Allowing the user to use their own seed is a great touch.

Yeah, it was my first homebrew and first time writing in any assembly language so the game did turn out pretty basic. Insects were actually supposed to be randomly spaced, but pseudo-random numbers on the Game Boy was tricky for me. Thanks for the comment and feedback!

Very true, I wish I had the time to learn how to produce sounds on the Game Boy during the jam, but that was one bit that couldn't make the cut. Thanks for the comment!

Odd, I've just tested it on a couple of emulators and on an actual GameBoy pocket with no issues. I'll try a few other emulators, thanks for the feedback!

Chill music and great sprite/pixel work

Hey, I owe you a big thanks for letting me know the file was missing from my submission. I wouldn't have known otherwise. I was allowed to resubmit.

Thanks so much! I am definitely behind, so this is an absolute life-saver

Going to write a Game Boy ROM in assembly