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Keep up the great work SweetChiel! And have a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it).

That's so cool that you got to work at a gaming tournament! I hope you get well soon and sleep lots :)

I'm glad that you enjoyed your mom's birthday! I indeed had fun trick-or-treating (dressed as a Ravenclaw, of course) with my friends. Thanks for the update, as always!

I'm not much of a gamer either (I don't know what any of that foreign speak was lol) but it's great that you're having fun! Always appreciate your regular updates :D

You can't prepare for everything. There was no way to predict that the internet wouldn't work. Besides, like Cis said, the delay is only a day and we appreciate your haste to notify us of the issue!

This game is worth the wait, so take all of the time to rest that you need!

You're getting closer to the finish line every day!! Woohoo!

Thanks!! It was really hot and smelly in our gym but it was fun.

Oh no! Get lots of rest- and stay away from mall sushi! Your health is #1. I hope you feel better soon :)

Thanks for the update! I am having a great week since this weekend is my Senior Homecoming T-T

I hope that your week is full of excitement!

Keep up the great work SweetChiel! I'm glad that you're proud of your dino habitat lol. Have a relaxing break since you deserve it!

Im so excited for this game!! Youve been working so diligently to create this masterpiece; I know its going to be great when its done. :)

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You're getting so much done in such little time! Don't forget to take breaks once in awhile, alright? :D

Escape rooms are really fun! Just make sure to check everything because some puzzles are tricky :)

This is amazing! I can still remember the first time I played the new demo... You've come so far since then *applause*