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I love the music, and the visuals are pretty great.  Not really a fan of the physics tho

Top-Down Shooter in which the player has One bullet comet.
Left Click to Throw, Right Click to Return
Short and Sweet.

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Nice idea for a thread!  I'll be checking out some of these other games

Wow, 60K views from some Rooster dude in Korea!

Thanks for giving it a go.  Feedback is always nice, and it was an amusing play

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So I really like the "Admin" feature, under which you can add multiple owners to a game on itch.
I have started using it because it's really handy to share the power of editing  a game, and it has worked flawlessly until now.

I'm trying to submit my game to the 7DFPS Jam, but even though I'm an admin on the game

However, I cannot submit the game.  The account that uploaded it is still able to submit it.

I'd appreciate it if you fix this issue.  The account that uploaded it is a club account, so I may not always have access to it, and I don't want to lose control of any of my games.

On second thought, I don't know if it really was the first level-- it seems like the edges are cut off.  The worst part is not seeing your character because its off-screen

XD it was like a year ago, it was a fun jam though.
I didn't play every level, I think I played 1, 2, 3, the last one, and one other one.  I never got too frustrated-- even though I didn't understand the rotation mechanic, I found the concept interesting and totally different (I love playing games with unusual mechanics)1.  Aside from the last level, I beat them without using rotation, and it was very cool and satisfying to get to the end tile.

Very nice submission, feels much more like a full game than most of the others, especially because you included multiple levels.

Not particularly polished, but for a student project I'd say great job.  It's fun and you captured something unique, which is rare for these kinds of games.

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Very clever.  I love the visuals (especially the river), you gave it a lot of character while staying within the rules.

It seems a little long, and I could have sworn it was different the second time.  Is it randomly generated?