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Most games that have been well marketed have lots of reviews, and thats awesome, they deserve it. But let's not forget about those games that did not get so lucky to get many reviews. There is a list in this website that shows the games with the least amount of ratings; and as voters, we should go check them out. I mean, who knows: maybe there's a perfect game that its not only fun and original but it fits the jam's theme perfectly with only 3 reviews. 

Check the link to see those games with almost no ratings, bear in mind that some games have no ratings because they don't open/work properly. If that's the case, I think its safe to report those non-functional games

Maybe the true game jam was the friends we made along the way

You are not a clown, you are the entire circus.

Argh, this is the third time I clicked on this game page. The name is quite interesting and with a lot of POTENCH, its a true shame that it doesn't work,

Your game design was awesome. Every new type of wall was quite well explained through its mechanics. Even though you overslept, it was a fun game overall. Heck, you even made a transition between levels. I wonder how it would've looked like with more development. I honestly would love to see this game developed further, since your ideas seemed to be really creative.

Although it pains me to see this, I don't think you adhere quite fully to the theme of the jam. Sure, the game's name was "only one shot", and yet you are able to use the blue thing -i.e. another bullet- in multiple levels. Rebranding it as "it gives you back your bullet"  didn't do it for me. If you are gonna keep polishing the game, i humbly suggest that the blue thing is replaced by a magnet, and that the used bullet return to you by using the former. That way it makes sense at a more intuitive level.

Overall, a really fun game. And isn't that the goal of videogames? Great job TatoPotato.

One character in an rpg, only fighting with himself and his doubts. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of turn-based combat. Still, your take on the matter makes it quite enjoyable.

Not only that, but you only use one hand, so bonus points for that.

This shows up:

Unable to get property 'getParameter' of undefined or null reference

Whats happening?

This RPG has POTENCH!! Really loved the 1 minute system. Maybe it doesn't have to reset the timing at all, that way the suspense will be more powerful. If you make a full game out of this (which you should, in case you haven't considered) I am willing to spend a few bucks to play it to the end

Loved your  take on the challenge,  really good platform design. Especially fond of the "John I" and "Douglas I" being together, since John Douglass is my favorite youtuber