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I'm not sure if you meant to, but you have this listed as a book, so it doesn't show up if you are doing a search for physical games, where most of the ttrpg stuff is

I don’t know if it’s intended but the L and I maaaaybe need a space between them in that title image. Looks like it’s saying something ALOT different right now ;)

One of the intern's moves refers to being able to use it "once per turn." Do you mean scene or session, instead? I couldn't find a mention of turns anywhere else in the book.

It looks like you mistakenly categorized this as a physical game?

A cute game. Takes me back to school Arithmetic primers in a good way haha. 18's maybe a bit weak compared to other puzzles as the setup means that only the placement of one card actually matters. The other others can go in any of the remaining slots and still produce the same results.

Hey there, minor technical issue with the Galactic 2e singles pdf. I think you forgot to embed the font used in the headers, as I can't highlight or select them. The playkit pdf works fine, though

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I don't mean to be annoying, but would it be possible to change the color for the hyperlink text on this page? It's all basically invisible to me the contrast is so low.

I was practicing building a monster as described by the book and I noticed that the Rattlesnakes subclade seems to be miscalculated? I might be misunderstanding things, but their "hunger: blood (u:2 p:2)" seems to be added in as if it were an entirely new bane, rather than an enhancement of the base vampire template's "hunger: blood." This pushes the Rattlesnake template's final cost up from 6 to 9, making them a fair bit deadlier.

Quick question: The PDF mentions that there are 3 strangeness character playbooks in the supplement on page 11, but I can't find anywhere that specifies which 3 those are supposed to be. Should it say 5 character playbooks, or are there 2 that are meant to be used as regular playbooks?

Does anyone know of a guide for the treasure chests? I'm missing one and I've already found the hard to spot ones I've seen mentioned elsewhere. I've been over everything twice and it's really irking me that I can't find the last on

Typing in "#help" will bring up the available commands. I only found this by guessing, so you didn't miss anythin

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There doesn't seem to be stats for the wolf cannon in the pdfs. I also can't seem to find a mention of what the starting caps for resources and trade goods actually are, only that they can be increased with certain rooms

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Your pick up triggers for the setting elements seem to be a little contradictory. Most of them would seem to indicate that you should give away the element, since you're the one who's going to be interacting with that element the way that the trigger is described. Perhaps changing the "you" to "someone" would make those triggers work better. That said, I like your incorporation of death moves into the game. It's a really interesting idea. Maybe stress that you can also simply choose to die within the fiction, since I feel like you might not get much mileage out of it otherwise. Players in Belonging Outside Belonging games have a tendency to float around 2-3 tokens in my experience, making weak moves when they have fewer and spending when they have more, and I feel like hitting 0 tokens is a pretty rare event.

Spoopy Jam community · Created a new topic Form of game

What game formats are allowed for this jam?

I had a thought for a TTRPG, but I note that you say you're planning on streaming entries at the end of the jam, so mine may not be appropriate in that case.

Unlicensed tells you to roll on the overindulgence table, but you just pick an option from that table when you overindulge. 

hmmm... neat idea. I haven't seen many currency-based skins in the 2e of monsterhearts, and the way they work has a very belonging outside belonging feel to it. I'm curious about the balance between "curse of endings" and "whims of the heart." When you pull strings on someone, you can give them a condition, so is it the intent that spending fate for "curse of endings" triggers a narrower effect that "whims of the heart," perhaps to balance the wider fate gain trigger of "whims of the heart"?

Here, just choose to make a copy to your google drive.

I've been putting together a google spreadsheet for a run I'm facilitating in July if you're interested. It has the disadvantage of requiring a second tab be open besides Roll20, but I've entered all the playbook and setting element info in so that you don't need to jump between it and the pdf

I'm going to be facilitating this over on the gauntlet in July and I wanted to check about a quick rules question. When the Lindwurm acts, are the cards that are not picked by the player channeling the Lindwurm placed back on top of the deck, discarded, or something else entirely?

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I feel like there are the bones of a really fun game here. I’m wondering if you’re planning on adding more variety to tile features or goals, though? While I have fun in the initial phases where there’s some risk of losing if you don’t play you’re tiles well, once I reach the mid-game, losing starts to feel practically impossible once you learn a few key strategies. I don’t want to sacrifice the laid-back feel of the game, but you end up employing the same 2 or 3 strategies for tile placement indefinitely once you have your big forest and field established, which has tended to cause me to simply quit games rather than try to actually finish them.

something I came across is that the game needs is a discard tile option or a means of making certain the initial shuffle is playable. I occasionally get a game where 8 tiles in I get a 6-way railroad tile that can't be placed as I've drawn no other railroad tiles ye

To add, the room it's in is REALLY hard to spot  in the latter layout if you're not clinging to the walls, as you can't actually see the door to enter it's room. Look in some of the rooms near the circular cell if that helps