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hmmm... neat idea. I haven't seen many currency-based skins in the 2e of monsterhearts, and the way they work has a very belonging outside belonging feel to it. I'm curious about the balance between "curse of endings" and "whims of the heart." When you pull strings on someone, you can give them a condition, so is it the intent that spending fate for "curse of endings" triggers a narrower effect that "whims of the heart," perhaps to balance the wider fate gain trigger of "whims of the heart"?

Yes, that's essentially it. Also, Curse of Endings is easier to trigger in many cases, because falling in love and having their heart broken are things that characters will only do by their own volition, but messing up their lives can be triggered by a whole host of different things.

Also in my experience, main characters in Monsterhearts falls in love/have their heart broken a few times each campaign, but everyone messes up their lives almost every. Single. Session.