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Solar Phasing

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Hey there Kuns, 

Yes you are free to use it for commercial purpose.

Please mention Solar Phasing in music/sounds credits.

Don't hesitate to share your creation.

All the best in your projects! :0)



Yes absolutely. You can. 

Thank you very much for your interest. :0)

Solar Phasing

Hey there, 

The combat system is pretty cool. Think it's the first time I saw one like that. I will explore it more.

All the best!


Hello Yoann,

Thank you so much for your feedback.  Very appreciated!

Glad you like it. 

Welcome on the Mothership!! 

Best regards, 

Solar Phasing

Hello PrayingMantis, 

Thank you very much for your feedback! Appreciated.  Glad you like it. 

Best regards, 

Solar Phasing


Very nice start as it is, waiting for more! 

I like the graphic style. Hope to have a good future scenario.

Hello LochMessMonster, 

Sorry for the delay. Glad you like it!

You can use it freely as it is, even on a monetised game. A mention in credits is alway cool.

Enjoy! All  the best for your project.


Seems good, but i was unable to drop the berries. Will try again..

Hello there,

Just release a post apocalyptic Background Loop. Check out! 

Dark Post Apocalyptic Background #1

And a couple of days ago, a second ambient scifi track..

Ambient Scifi Music #2

Enjoy.. Be creative!

Solar Phasing


I'm the artist Solar Phasing,  a french experimental music composer. I'm working on various ambient music projects.  Creating sounds landscapes and SFX for Documentaries, TV Scene, Video Games, & more..

I just released two games assets for free.  Check them. 

A dark ambient background sfx sound creating a mysterious feeling for your game. Perfect for cave, dungeon, industrial, etc.

A scifi industrial atmosphere sfx sound creating a dark ambiance for your game. Perfect for industrial, mine, space ship, space station, etc.


An ambient scifi game track with a beautidul theme to use in your project to make it really unique. Can fit perfectly with outer space, space, discovery, adventure, rpg, etc

I hope your enjoy my creations for your  projects. Don't hesitate to follow me to keep in touch wih the new material I can release. I work all the year on music and SFX. Feel free to contact me for anything: like more music, a special track or sound you need.  

Best regards.

Enjoy.. Be creative!

Solar Phasing