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Free Sounds Assets (Solar Phasing)

A topic by Solar Phasing created Apr 08, 2018 Views: 140 Replies: 1
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I'm the artist Solar Phasing,  a french experimental music composer. I'm working on various ambient music projects.  Creating sounds landscapes and SFX for Documentaries, TV Scene, Video Games, & more..

I just released two games assets for free.  Check them. 

A dark ambient background sfx sound creating a mysterious feeling for your game. Perfect for cave, dungeon, industrial, etc.

A scifi industrial atmosphere sfx sound creating a dark ambiance for your game. Perfect for industrial, mine, space ship, space station, etc.


An ambient scifi game track with a beautidul theme to use in your project to make it really unique. Can fit perfectly with outer space, space, discovery, adventure, rpg, etc

I hope your enjoy my creations for your  projects. Don't hesitate to follow me to keep in touch wih the new material I can release. I work all the year on music and SFX. Feel free to contact me for anything: like more music, a special track or sound you need.  

Best regards.

Enjoy.. Be creative!

Solar Phasing

Hello there,

Just release a post apocalyptic Background Loop. Check out! 

Dark Post Apocalyptic Background #1

And a couple of days ago, a second ambient scifi track..

Ambient Scifi Music #2

Enjoy.. Be creative!

Solar Phasing