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This seems like it was made before the jam and submitted on day 0 of the jam. Which reads like jam-submission spam. So I'm disqualifying it.

If it was made for the jam, let us know! We'll requalify it!

Join the Discord if you don't find anyone here! Good luck on your first jam : )

Yup! You should be able to submit multiple projects/tools/packs.

I'm not sure I follow what you're asking for, but here's an intro to gamedev:

Ah! It broke. Thank you for sharing the catch. Fixing it now!

I'm hyped : )

Take your time, play as many as you can : )

InspireJam community · Created a new topic Jam Extension!

Enjoy one extra day, no crunching : )

Removed from the Trick or Treat Jam at Tyler's request.

You can resubmit to the jam if you'd like. First change the account name off of Ty T as to not impersonate Tyler Tomaseski (owner of the Grombit character). Good bit, no-one's upset. We just don't want anyone confused about who made this. Real-names.

You should make your game free so people can play and score it.

Yup! We announced it on the Discord and I'll add a header here. We wanted to give everyone a couple extra days to lower stress 🤗


It is both a color palette (colors, values, and credit here) and the phrase Dream. We recommend that you use the palette to inform your art and the phrase to inform your game design. That said, first and foremost have fun making a game!

Yup! We even have some people going rogue and using palettes that lost the tournament. It might affect the judging criteria for palette usage, but do whatever you want!

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Hi Revival Jam! We are the Society of Play, a non-profit indie game dev community in North Texas.  It seems that two Revival Jams were assembled at the same time, and we did the other. Weird coincidence but we are encouraging our folks to submit their games here as well. As usual, we created a shirt (and stickers) to go along with our jam, this one designed by oct0bre. It says Revival on it, though it also says Society of Play.  If you want one, we have them over here: 

Lots of colors and styles.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, any proceeds from sales go back into Society of Play's mission of supporting the indie game dev community. None of it ends up in someone's pocket.

As is tradition, we must make sure all precautions are taken! Only well-rested Necromancers can successfully complete their rituals! Take your time spellcasters, and ensure that you succeed at rising your abominations from the grave! This is our only chance! Three extra days can go a long ways, for your well-being and for your game!

Surprise! 1-extra day for the Hexcode Showdown Jam!

We said we wouldn't do it, but our hearts were weak and we easily succumbed to peer pressure. Don't crunch y'all!

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The tournament is over and we now have a winner... *drumroll*

The Jam Theme Is....


The Optional Modifier Is...

A Random Crayola Color Name!

If you're looking for a team or want to share your progress? Head over to our Discord! And if you're sharing progress, be sure to use #HexcodeJam so we can find it! Good luck everyone!

Up to you! One of the ranked categories is "palette usage" although we don't have a strict guideline for that.

We think constraints breed creativity, but if it's really bogging you down then do whatever!

Understandable. They are mostly a thing of the past. I guess the most accurate current analog is maybe the physical game cards for the Nintendo Switch. Kind of like that, but way bigger.

No trouble at all. Works great! Thanks for the re-uploads, Lucky!

You may be confusing this with another jam (probably A Game By Its Cover). Cartridge Jam is using the carts in that link

Hi! All the carts for Cartridge Jam 3 are here:

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We are getting an error when trying to start up your game.  "Failed to load mono". There may still be files missing. Excited to see what you've made!

Send us a message on Twitter with your discord account info =)

Absolutely to both!

Hey Finel! If you have trouble finding a team on here, you can join our private Discord to find a team. One of our organizers sent you a friend request on Discord, alternatively PM us on Twitter for a link.

Hey PoodlePilot, we don't have plans to stream it publicly. It's definitely a jury-rigged solution to what had originally been an in-person meetup before lockdowns started.

Although we do not share the link publicly (to prevent trolls and bots), we'd love to have you join the Discord. PM us on Twitter and we'll send you a link! You can converse with other members on there.

That would be up to the designer of the cartridge. We have no ToS that assign rights. That said, we also have no hard rules on the fact you have to use someone else's cart (although it's strongly recommended). So you could also choose your own cart submission. :)

Free-for-all! It would be neat to maybe do that in the future, but not this time around. Grab whatever cartridge inspires you the most.

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Howdy, everyone! We had such a blast playing everyone's games! We're excited to share them all at the IGDA party! All games will be set up at a booth so party-goers can explore all submissions. This was an amazing game-jam and we can't wait to do it again next year. Thank you, everyone, for participating. 🤠🌒

As for winners, these are the games that will receive dedicated tables at the event. Every selected game was the favorite of at least one of our judges. They stood out as either intriguing, fun, or aesthetic as heck. Here they are in reverse alphabetical order:

Our Jury Select!

Plura Luna 
Plura Luna
Moonsilver Fates
Moonsilver Fates
Crescendia Gardens
Crescendia Gardens

If you are a winner and want to help run your booth, we have a free ticket for you! We'll PM you the info, but also feel free to reach out.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at the wrap-up event so we can play each other's games and talk about how it went. And if you're not local or can't make it, be sure to watch our Twitter for updates.

We wish you the best. If you do finish the game or return to it, share it here. We would love to see it.

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Y'all did amazing and we're so proud of everyone! If you're local to DFW we're looking forward to seeing everyone at the wrap up event: the IGDA Winter Party! It's on the 25th. Be sure to grab a ticket. Even if they sell out, they will be selling tickets at the door.

Our panel of community organizers, lead developers at local studios, and educators will be hard at work at playing everyone's games. We can't wait! We're hoping to announce winners mid-week. 

🤠 🌘 🐀

We're having a hard time running the game! You'll need to reupload it zipped with the other files that Unity kicks out.

Oh wow, looking great!

We'll be sure to get some pics and video for you. Mouse and keyboard will be just fine! :)

Yay! Looking good!

Absolutely! Go for it!

Sorry, no. We don't have the budget for compensation like that. But if your game is a winner it will absolutely be featured at the event.

Hey Malagnus! We'll be sure to let people know at the launch event too. 🌝