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As is tradition, we must make sure all precautions are taken! Only well-rested Necromancers can successfully complete their rituals! Take your time spellcasters, and ensure that you succeed at rising your abominations from the grave! This is our only chance! Three extra days can go a long ways, for your well-being and for your game!

This year the spirits call to us, those long dead projects are stirring in their graves. They call to us to be laid to rest. They ask to be completed and we ask you to join us. 

Dredge up an unfinished/unmade idea or project and... REVIVE IT! This jam is all about finishing those old abandoned projects or finally making that one idea that you've been holding onto!

From Oct 15 to Oct 29th, enter the lab and recreate what has been long dead, or join others in their eldritch pursuit to  calm the spirits  and complete what refuses to be finished. 

After the ritual, the Necromancers shall gather on our Discord! We will play each others abominations and share the secrets of our rituals.

  • Thursday, October 29th. At 7pm cdt (GMT-5).
  • Celebrate the Jam's Ritual's Conclusion
  • Play each other's abominations

Hosted by the Society of Play.

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See how long you, or your professor can last.
A short game about hanging out and wandering a park.
Play in browser
Help the detective survive the train and take down the super evil crime boss!
This is game about looking key to open door and move to next room.