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A fun and well polished game. The music, the visuals and the animations are nice, good job on that!

On the gameplay side, I am not exactly sure of my goal, but is was fun to play anyway. Congrats. :)

I don't know why I link cutting grass, but it felt good. 

A well polished game, congrats. :)

The game was fun, despite being quite difficult to master. 

Maybe having an animation when switching ships could improve the readability. ^^

Congrats. :)

This game has an original take on the theme, I wasn't expecting to see such a thing. The game is fun, has great audio and great visual. I'm impressed, congrats!

Really cool game, it really fits the theme and it's well polished. It could be easily expanded to a full indie game! Congrats!

Really cool idea and it's well done. It was really fun, and you really deserve to finish in the top 20. 

Shoutout to the victory music which is really good too!

Congrats! :)

Very polished game, I had fun playing it. Congrats!

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A well polished little game! It's fun to play, the difficulty is correct and the art is well done . The auto-switching weapons is also a nice addition. I appreciated playing this game. :)

The drawback I have is the weapons. It's not clear when you can use the, and having a "charging bar" for them could be a good idea for me.

The game is simple, but fun. The art style is nicely done, the gameplay is working great, and the idea fits well the theme.

A well polished game for a 48h game jam. Congrats. :)

I don't know how you came up with this idea, but it's quite original, and the levels are fun to play. Nice job.

Really good game! The puzzle are not too easy, the mechanics are interesting, the sfx are great and the game is well polished. Good job. :)

Nice little game. :)

It took me several times to understand that Bob and Rob... are in the same level, shame on me, but it's a cool game. Also the music is great, good job on that too!

This is a great little game, I really appreciated the mechanics and the esthetics. The game could easily be expanded to a full game, and the option allowing to select the two colors is a nice little addition.

The only drawbacks I see are the controls and the difficulty of the puzzles. Having to use the mouse to interact is not the best method in my opinion, have 'e' or any other key could be better. Regarding the difficulty, the puzzle are quite straight forward, you can't really fail them.

But don't worry, I am sure these issues are time related, and this game surely is high quality for a game jam. Congrats! :)

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This short adventure was great! The idea is clever, and could easily be improved for a further game. The fact that the music adapt whether you are in the past or present is also a nice touch.

The only drawback I see is the fact that you can't switch between the past and the present with a key, you have to use the mouse. (at least, I didn't found the key)

Aside from this, it's a good game. :)

The concept is really great. I was quite difficult at the beginning, but I got better overtime, and I enjoyed the game. Nice job! :)

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Good job! The music is dynamic and the gameplay is... well it's snake so no surprise here. ^^

The idea of the two snakes is good, however, except for having a bigger score, the 2nd snake isn't so useful. You can "finish" the game with only one snake.

Maybe you could have some snake-specific food, in order to force us to use both snakes. I dunno.

Nice work though. :)

ahah thanks,

I just updated the walking cycle to make it less like moving a building. 

Nice little game :)

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I liked this game, the idea was interesting, and I had fun playing it. :)

It is however a bit frustrating to have to start from the beginning when I make mistakes, and I didn't really understood the "perform test", but overall, it's good for a jam. :)

Thanks! :)

That's a nice game! I really like the idea, it is fun and it's done well. Congrats!