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Thank you very much :)

That sounds awesome, I'd love to see how it goes!

Hey thanks :) I'm super grateful for how well your code was written, and that you shared it - it's a really powerful little algorithm

Hey I think that would be too difficult for me sorry, but if you want to mimic the movement in a game, the movement code is in (on github).

( Each sprite moves up and down with a sin wave, with different phases )

Hey thank you so much, I've uploaded it now and credited you :)

Hey this tool is incredible - I modified it slightly to make staffs. Would it be okay for me to upload that on my own itch page?

Thank you very much! I hope you get good use out of them :)

Feel free to share it if you do!

Glad you like them!

Hey thanks so much! Really glad you like them, and yeah send it my way I'd love to see it

Thank you very much :)

These are really nice

Awesome, best of luck with it :)

Woah amazing! Surprised you used the extra stuff too, and what's your game called?

Awesome! I like how you've drawn the head and body in another 3 directions, and best of luck with your game!

Thanks that's nice to hear :)

Wicked, thanks for sharing! Maybe you could put different crops in the holes as powerups? (food for thought - pardon the pun!) Nice game

Yeah please do, it's really cool seeing people use + improve my stuff

I think I'd struggle with 90 bits of armor but might try at some point. I just added 1 bit of armor to the pack that you could recolor to match the helmets. Hope that helps :)

That orb thing looks spectacular

I liked the ship art and the mechanics of the game, perhaps the guns could be more random

I liked the art and feel of the game, and the player's attack changing when you move was a cool idea. Perhaps a health bar or hit indicator could help you understand how well your attacks are working.

Best of luck :)

A nice idea but I couldn't figure out how to win