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I'm looking for someone to support the programming of my open source, hobby game, which is a auto battling dungeon exploration game. You can find the repo here:

I'm happy to look at doing several hours a week over a longer period or more hours over a shorter period. I'd rather work by milestone, but am open to working by hour.

The budget is £800, though I'd like to start with something smaller (obviously still paid) so that we can both build some comfort.

The current focus is on getting the combat and map exploration into a good place. I have a design document and relevant GitHub issues to help define this.

Here is the current milestone I'm working towards:

Skills / experience required:

- Python

- pygame (the main library I'm using)

- AI (to make the combat work well)

- UI (it's very basic at the moment)

- Input (to add mouse control)

If you're interested please email me at snaith2[at]gmail[dot]com with "NQP Programmer" in the subject line. Make sure to include details of your experience and your rate. I look forward to hearing from you.


EDIT: I've now found someone, thank you to everyone who got in contact. If anyone wants to be considered as a backup then do still get in touch. 

I love this series and am glad to see it keeps growing. Phenomenal work, buddy.

SlayHack is my favourite game from this 7DRL, by far.  The design is great, the core loop is engaging and whilst it is simple there is lots of fun in working through the various interactions. I'd love to see this game develop and add more complexity and depth but for a 7DRL it far exceeded my expectations. Fantastic work, dev. 

P.s. Game crashed after killing Nightmare heart as Ninja. :(

My mistake! Thanks for clarifying. 

This is all I am getting, is that right? I would have expected more like this.

The fonts look great, but perhaps I am doing something wrong. Is there a reason the bitmaps only include some letters, unlike in the preview above?