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The fonts look great, but perhaps I am doing something wrong. Is there a reason the bitmaps only include some letters, unlike in the preview above? 

The bitmaps contain all characters shown please check again? I just confirmed...

PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperWhite.png (original layout, 8k)
PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperWhiteNew.png (compact, 7k)

PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperBlack.png (original layout, 9k)
PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperBlackNew.png (compact, 6k)

PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/Venice.png (original layout, 13k)
PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/VeniceNew.png (compact, 9k)

This is all I am getting, is that right? I would have expected more like this.

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yes it is all the printable ascii codes below 128 for all three fonts, not extended ascii or ansi sorry

My mistake! Thanks for clarifying.