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was about to close the tab and this happened

ok but how do we know those items even exist

very cool

I have to say, the puzzles here feel a bit forced. There isn't much "figuring things out" to do, it's mostly just lock-and-key puzzles.

this is a lie

*proceeds to leak personal information*

i literally posted about this like 4 months ago, this proves my point

why the fuck would you do this

i've done it. i've made a gun.

alright, that's it. i'm making a gun.

The art possibilities in the Atelier are kinda limited. If you could add a free draw option, that would make so many more things possible.

jesus christ

Consider the following:

true perfection has been achieved


it will never be enough

The illusion of choice


I just now played the game with sound (i play in school so it's usually on mute [i used headphones]) and the audio sounds so randomly generated it's insane

Unfun but accurate, unfun because accurate.

Good game, though the theme isn't a prominent thing.

Gimmick got pretty boring after a few rooms. Very easy to accidentally backtrack, forcing you to replay puzzles you already did.

Not sure where "side effects" comes into play, but I really like how the tutorial looks like it's written by an actual pirate.

isometris is a perfectly functional game with absolutely zero glitches

That last level was absolutely insane. The way it combined every mechanic was just perfect.

100k+ clout, this happened

levitating queen  

woulda gone further if it gave me quad barrel jeez

These sprites are the exact same sprites as the ones used in Gun Knight (another game on Are they public use or something?

At a certain point, it becomes so laggy that the enemies just phase through the balls, forcing you to lose.

Is it possible to play Endless Mode on the website version?

Freeze is absolutely busted. If you get it and enough other free cards, you can loop between those cards and stall the enemies indefinitely. You can even have a one energy cost card in there and still always be able to continue the loop.

It also keeps the insane projectile speed.

Can you add an endless mode to the game?

Really hoping we get an endless mode sometime soon. Also, here are a couple ways to indicate which way the player is facing:

-Dot eyes.


-An arrow.

This is one of the simplest puzzle gimmicks I've ever seen that's somehow still unique and challenging. Though, nothing is ever going to beat I Wanna Lockpick in that regard.