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it is possible to visit the void in 3-2

can you PLEASE make the already visited rooms unload too?

please make more games like this

Does anyone here know how to beat B1?

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Bug report:

  • The visual options do not work.
  • You cannot change your name online.
  • Holding Q while on a downward slope grants way too much acceleration.
  • The water texture does not align with its hitbox in the waiting room.
  • If any character goes backward through the shorter loop in the waiting room, he gets stuck for a second.
  • As Knuckles, if you hold space on the last frame of being airborne, you will be able to glide across the ground for a second.
  • If you fall off a ledge, but press space before you become a ball, you can jump mid-air.
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help i cant control the flashlight in aristotle

i became infinitely pro, and then i was literally unable to play

gonna play some

how to get every achievement
i did it: play the game

they are learning: play the game

piece of cake: play the game

my first retirement: have nothing better to do

one last time: really have nothing better to do

it's possible: really really have nothing better to do

avenge my son: have max speed

my great great great grandfather: have max speed

we are legion: have max speed and generation time

these bikes are dumb: have high population size

this is not machine learning: have max population size and high speed

omfg this game is so broke: have max population size, max speed, and high generation time

so 8 is the limit: play the game

almost there: play the game

money is useless now: play the game

the first one is free: why do you need a tutorial for this

tweet tweet: pres the twitter button

facebook ok boomer: press the facebook button

show me

It is possible to make an unwinnable game.

For example, 2x2 with 4 bombs.

How the tables have turned.

Or should I say burned?


w     h     a     t

great game

well i found out

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what do they do (note that i am also smolboi314)

the whole background is my character

how are you so good at making these

same here

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none of them work, what browser do i need to download

loads to a black screen

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beat this

its not even ultimate knockout its literally just fall guy

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you wasted ten minutes of my life, what's my reward? (i just got bored after 600 so i let olivia die) 

what now

how am i supposed to beat this leve

this game is way too easy

what the hell?

actually, most keyboards (including the one you probably have) can't register most inputs of regular keys

i cant unlock any more parts for some reason but some are still unavailable please help

i can't relax when the music is this loud

i beat the game and got the true ending! the anti-cube in the room with the floating rectangle board with text was really... interesting? i guess? how did you even do that? 




i guess i am good at this game

finally someone who knows how to properly render fractals

optimize it