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Watch Markiplier playing it! 

Watch Jacksepticeye playing it! 

Yea i just searched it and it didn't show up. Make sure you published it correctly tho.

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But it was there before, i tried incognito mode and it was there, but not anymore. However i'm gonna unflag the sensitive content, because all it has is jumpscares and loud sounds.

Edit - Ok I tried unflagging "Has sensitive content" and it worked, I think. Thanks!

The game keeps disappearing from the site, it's currently the first one in the hottest horror games page in the gamejolt, not even in the most recent page of Can you do something about it? looks like it disappears every time i make a change to the game's page or release a new build. it's not there for like 30 hours now!

Currently no but I will consider adding that option in the next build alongside with some minor fixes!

Irrlicht engine

Yup, its up now. thanks for the reply

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Hello, i just uploaded a demo and it won't show up anywhere in the site (search, newest games section, etc.). The URL is working tho and the page is online. I've just checked my project's page and i'm sure that i didn't set anything to private.

Its my project:

Can i know whats wrong? thanks.

We just released a playable demo for our latest horror project, Dim. Check it out!