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rat made me pee my lil pants omg

DUUUUUUUDE This is awesome

Holy cow man, fantastic

Freaking great my dude

Thanks for the input! Glad you enjoyed it. Big update coming soon, but I'll add it to the list (^-^)

Crazy good man

Duuuuuude. Amazing. I'm awestruck. OST was amazing and controls/animations were balanced well. Freakin' excellent my dude.

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I'm working on an Zelda-esc overworld, which'll make things a bit less repetitive. (^-^)

Awesome game! Keyboard support?

Here are some plans for an upcoming overworld with access points to each dungeon

No problemo, glad I could help

I've added a points system and a whole new level. Some really small side quests are also available.

Lol, I know. I'm working on a new point system that will serve as an incentive to collect all of the coins. Also, there are going to be some more enemies coming that I'll sprinkle around the dungeons. Glad you enjoyed the graphics though! (^-^) 

Looks kinda like Starfox from what I can gather (^-^) Looking forward to this one!

Seriously the coolest thing I've seen all day (o_o)

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It's actually not as complicated as it of the reasons I've grown quite fond of Bitsy CX. In the dialogue settings box, just put these codes before and after the text you want to effect, with multiple codes for multiple effects:

{wvy} - wavy text

{rbw} - Rainbow-style text

{shk} - Shaky text

For example, if you typed {rbw}{wvy}TEXT{wvy}{rbw}, you would get the output TEXT with a colorful and wavy effect. There are also settings in Bitsy that let you do this to an entire dialogue box, which is how I learned the codes.

Glad you enjoyed our game! (^-^)

Thank you! (^-^)

Homemade VR? That sounds insane man! I'm excited to see the final product!

Duuuude, this is one of the best text-adventures I've played in a long time! Can't wait to see the finished product ( ;-;) I'm on edge thinking about it

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Cool, thanks (^-^) I think madi ballista was the first to submit though

Just finished the final's 2:24 am. Here are some screenshots of the game I'll post in a few hours. Really glad I saw this jam. It gave me the extra push to finish everything. (^-^)