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Hi! it's really cool that you went out of your way to make a whole map editor. Though I unfortunately don't have any plans for this game as it's just a random game i came up with for a jam, and I wanna mainly focus on Project Froggo. But hey, I appreciate the dedications, and you are free to release your editor to anyone!

I like this game. I think the bubble jump mechanic is a great speedrun material. Also i reached the "Hey" sign lol.

I enjoyed it a lot! I like the visuals, and I also really like the final boss fight. goodjob!

This is very cool

Good job Fluff! It's really impressive how you can make your game looks so great with just Pygame!

I think you should make it so spikes looks more obvious since it can blend in with the platforms.
I also happen to notice that the x velocity does not reset once you hit a wall which makes the slippery control a bit more annoying. But other than that, you did a good job on the physics, keep it up!

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Just tried out the game and I think there are a few things that you can improve on:

1. You should add some sound effects. You probably just haven't add them yet but even a little bit of sound played when stomping on the enemy would make the experience better.

2. The speed of the character. I think the transition between "standing still" and "moving at full speed" is kinda slow, so I think you should make the speed building faster.

3. It's a common designing mistake to put spikes or pits off-screen without any indication of where the they are, which could lead to players jumping into them without knowing where they are. A very common way some gamedev would fix this issue is by putting coins / collectable object or just a sign or arrow pointing at the safe spot so players know where they are going.

So far the things i listed above are more on the negative side, but there are still things that i enjoy, such as the art style. it also gives off similar vibe as old Kirby games which gives a sense of nostalgia. Sorry for the long paragraphs but i hope you can make your games the best you can possibly make! :)

(if you have trouble reading this i can type the whole thing again in chinese lol)

Thanks for doing a let's play! It's the first time someone has done a let's play on my game and it really means a lot to me!

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Oh thanks for pointing out the jumping issue (the holding down jump button one), I've never thought about that lol.

But I'll probably just keep it the way it is since the game is released. But I will try not to make this mistake in my future games.


cool, thanks for letting me know

Thanks for playing! I'm really glad that you like it! And i will consider making the horizontal movement slightly faster.

This is neat

I think the pixel art is very well done, it looks really good

Thanks for the feedback! I will consider changing the physics a bit.

Nice work!

This game feels pretty difficult for me, since it kinda requires near frame perfect movement to get all three collectable in the tutorial level, especially the one on the top.

i like the art style, but there's more room for improvements. The first thing i want to talk about is the collisions against the walls, when i run into it, i shouldn't get stuck but instead slide against it.

You should also change the way how the main character aims. It's pretty hard to aim at the enemies because you also have to walk into it to aim at it.

I think there should be checkpoints. You can also add animations to the main characters since it's just two moving images. But other than that, this game definitely looks fun to play with a friend. (can't get someone to play with me ;w;)

This is a cool little platformer game, but the camera just moves too much, my eyes hurt.