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like 3 months ago lol?

Hey thanks for the report!
Do you happen to be using Windows 7? I did some digging and apparently this error happens a lot with Win7. This game was never built or tested on a Win7 computer so there's a chance that it just doesn't run on it. :/
I don't know if it's possible for a permanent solution but I will look into it.

This site might be helpful for a temporary solution but it's totally understandable if you ignore this:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Offline versions have been added!

You could actually use full screen.

I wonder if it's the fact that the background color is pretty much the same as the side buttons making it seem like you couldn't. Either way I decided to change this page into dark mode so it's more apparent.

Downloads are also added! :>

I'm gonna cry

Don't have one yet lol
I don't feel like managing one

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I think I might know the reason for the frame drop but I don't know if there's a good way to fix it. Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.

If you encounter any weird thing happen in the game you think is may be a glitch, leave it here and let me know the details

If you have any feedback on the game, you can leave it here!

Thank you! that's really nice to hear!

Because I have to update the cutscenes to fit the current plot of the game which I did not have the time to.

oh dam, thanks for the report

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Hey thanks for playing! And I just wanna say sorry for all this irritating stuff. A lot of stupid decisions have been made due to rush. But I am making an updated version to this game that will be released after voting ends.

About the swinging thing, I wanted to see if pressing the button twice works better than holding the button. But it looks like it's a bit irritating for some people so I'll probably change to holding it in the updated version.
I also do admit that the swinging pendulum isn't the best kind of gimmick for this kind of game, it's more of a random thing I thought of to fill an area up with stuff to interact with. But since the level were already designed around them, it'll remain unchanged.

The final area is an interesting case as I actually did wanted skillful players to be just barely able to make it to the top without collecting any clock. But I was in a rush and there wasn't really enough testing so it's the way it is in the game. I'll make the bolts and the pendulums move faster slightly than this. Some decisions were made because I was worried that skilled players can just breeze through large chunks of the game entirely, but I probably shouldn't have worried that much about a 3 day jam game.

Again thanks for playing this and the paragraphs of feedback!

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but it's not really an engine, it's a framework

Oh yeah, forgot to address this in the description, but yeah you totally can toggle it with backspace.

The art is beautiful, and the game is extremely polished. unlike mine lol

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I don't know if this is intended, but every time Arson hit the wall, he unattaches his tongue from the walls. This fact alone makes this game a little too frustrating to control.

Can't really blame Arson though he has no legs and it probably hurts to bang against the wall.

I almost gave up, but i didn't want to disappoint Arson so i made it to the end, and seeing his smile made me satisfied.

Also totally did not discovered easy mode right after complaining it being frustrating

I love the ending

this game is cool because it has clock

aesthetic is great, i luv the ambient

This game is great for trying to raise awareness for global warming

It's also  a fun a challenging golf game

I think you can make the frog faster

the collision for the collectables is kinda janky and pretty much doesn't work for me at the final level so maybe you can do more polishing

Cool game, reminds me of my homework i used to do in middle school

When he said "You are froggg" I really felt that

I love the aesthetics

Yep there's zero. It's an oversight

yeah, it is pygame

I love the thumbnail

I hope it runs well. My code optimization skilllz might not be that great

Hey, thank you for the reply! The player shaking does happen but it wasn't my priority to fix it since it doesn't affect the gameplay too much. But i might look into it in the future! I will also add a quit button to the title screen.

Thanks for the feedback! I will upload a version with most glitched found fixed. And yeah, that's the end of the Demo, thanks for trying it out!

Thanks for trying the game as well as the feedback! And the bonus coins at the end wasn't for extra time, this game doesn't actually have a timer lol. The number at the top right is for displaying FPS. But I'm not sure what could be causing it to not stop coming, less checkpoints used does mean more bonus coins, so it might not actually be an issue at all. But i might have to look into it if the cutscene never stop or if there's a softlock.

The download link was made unavailable intentionally. But i hope to release another playable Demo soon!

Thank you! I really did not expect someone to give feedback so long after I made it unavailable.

As for the sauce code, a lot of people have asked for it, and I still haven't really decide what I'm going to do with it. The game is still being worked on and updated, and i really want to sell it as my commercial game, so you might have to wait until it comes out.

I would also like to point out it's complete spaghetti code that no normal human beings can understand. I currently plan to only give them to the people who asked for it and somehow wish to spend a long time analyze them.

Thank you for the reply though, it really brings me joy to see people not only enjoyed my game but also finished it!

Hi! it's really cool that you went out of your way to make a whole map editor. Though I unfortunately don't have any plans for this game as it's just a random game i came up with for a jam, and I wanna mainly focus on Project Froggo. But hey, I appreciate the dedications, and you are free to release your editor to anyone!

I like this game. I think the bubble jump mechanic is a great speedrun material. Also i reached the "Hey" sign lol.

I enjoyed it a lot! I like the visuals, and I also really like the final boss fight. goodjob!

This is very cool

Good job Fluff! It's really impressive how you can make your game looks so great with just Pygame!

I think you should make it so spikes looks more obvious since it can blend in with the platforms.
I also happen to notice that the x velocity does not reset once you hit a wall which makes the slippery control a bit more annoying. But other than that, you did a good job on the physics, keep it up!

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Just tried out the game and I think there are a few things that you can improve on:

1. You should add some sound effects. You probably just haven't add them yet but even a little bit of sound played when stomping on the enemy would make the experience better.

2. The speed of the character. I think the transition between "standing still" and "moving at full speed" is kinda slow, so I think you should make the speed building faster.

3. It's a common designing mistake to put spikes or pits off-screen without any indication of where the they are, which could lead to players jumping into them without knowing where they are. A very common way some gamedev would fix this issue is by putting coins / collectable object or just a sign or arrow pointing at the safe spot so players know where they are going.

So far the things i listed above are more on the negative side, but there are still things that i enjoy, such as the art style. it also gives off similar vibe as old Kirby games which gives a sense of nostalgia. Sorry for the long paragraphs but i hope you can make your games the best you can possibly make! :)

(if you have trouble reading this i can type the whole thing again in chinese lol)