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This is the game I intended to submit The link I provided is a previous version, but I'm not sure how to submit this one. Thank you for allowing it.

It seems I submitted the wrong game. Like, completely wrong. The other one's been uploaded, so uhh, is there anything I can do?

This is the game I meant to submit

Hi Workster,

Thank you for your interest in the game and wanting to donate. I'm glad you enjoyed the game enough to want to do so.

At this moment I don't have any services open to accept donations, and it's a fairly complicated legal matter that I'm not fully informed about. However, since you and others have expressed interest in doing so, I can look into services for it. Crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter are one possibility, but would need very specific goals and uses for the money. I've used IndieGoGo to raise money for an artist before. My current plan was to offer a small bit of DLC. I'm not sure what it would include but would be a way for people to pay for the game and get a bit extra. I'm also planning on making a paid sequel with some major changes. Finally, it's also possible to simply send me money via PayPal as a donation.

Please tell me if you would prefer any of those options. I'm currently focusing on finishing the game but I also need to continue the business side of it so your feedback is highly appreciate. One last note, I have a Twitch page which also has donation options, but this isn't official for SBMS.



Slizer: BMS is a real time tactics game that takes the traditional RTS model and moves unit production out of combat and features more complex movement and weapons to emphasise strategy and tactics.

In the Planning stage you can select units, place and orient them, equip them with weapons and armor, assign limited special equipment to them, and give them starting orders. In the combat phase you control them like a standard RTS, but with more control over their behaviour. Movement makes your units harder to unit but decreases their accuracy, damage drops with distance, everything has friendly fire, and abilities have limited ammo, making your speed and positions a tactical choice. Slow movement and large scales gives you more time to react but makes each movement a commitment.

This minimises micromanagement and maximises tactics. Every point of damage is permanent, every unit lost limits your options, but the same is true for your enemy.

Featuring a story campaign, an aircraft only campaign, fleet battle mode, a permadeath mode, and a simulator. There are a variety of abilities to unlock for every unit as well as generic upgrades, a tech tree and extra missiles to add too your fleet.

The game is almost complete and could use feedback to improve it. I've been working on this for a while and would like to make it (or at least its sequel) better.