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Very fun game, the playable loop fits very well with the theme and I loved the risk-reward. Good job!

Yes, there are problems with the web version and telegraphing. Sorry for that.

We are aware that the web version has problems with telegraphing. That is because of the low framerate of the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Great voice acting! I liked the gameplay too.

Cool game! Although the AI kept getting stuck bouncing the ball up and down in the same spot. The art and design of this game are top notch. The idea was also very well picked. Good job!

It captures really well the essence of flappy bird!

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Very cute game with neat puzzles! The last one blew my mind! I would love to see it in a full game! Good job!

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Very cute game with neat puzzles! The last one blew my mind! I would love to see it in a full game! Good job!

It's actually really good! At first I thought it was too simple but the puzzles kept ramping up in difficulty till I was satisfied. I like the art a lot and I would love to see a full game made of this. Good job!

I loved the creativity put into finding the theme to fit the jam. It is entertaining to play and the artwork is really well done!

I loved the care that was put into making this game look amazing. The gameplay was very entertaining, although too hard for me. I would love to see this game's gameplay polished and published as a finished game. I would also have appreciated to have an easier mode with more time to think the bounces.

I liked the concept but the instructions were unclear as i bought the first baker and I faced the first screen. For a first game is pretty solid (with some fixes to the clarity of course). Keep it up!

I love it! It was very polished and every single enemy required a different strategy to beat, which made it really deep for a game jam. I would love to see this as a finished game! I would definately buy it.

My pc couldn't handle the graphics

Absolutely great. It is really claustrophobic and leaves you very tense. 

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I really love it. Artstyle is amazing(better than mine for shure). Had me playing for a while. The game is still one once you  get the end credits though.

I would like to have a link to the ludum dare site to rate it.