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Sleeping Artemis

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This game plays around with interesting visuals and concepts, but overall it severely lacks polish. The screen flashes every time you talk to a character, the items you pick up stay in your inventory even after you gave them away, and it's easy to miss dialogue by simply picking up an item before talking to a character. 

By simply solving these few problems, the game would in my opinion be a much better experience and merit at least 4/5 stars thanks to its great artstyle and its almost mesmerising feel.

Very short and sweet! The character designs are very polished. Overall, I had a fun 17 minutes in an interesting village.

There was no crash report, the game just froze. 

This is an absolutely great demo! Enjoyed it all the way through. 

However, at the scene where the main character is sleeping under a blanket in front of the big Rose Door, right after the boss fight, the game crashes (see screenshot). Everytime I get to that scene the game crashes, but not always at the same time. I'm playing on Demo mode and through the desktop app, if that helps.

Other than that, I encountered no bugs and I definitely intend to donate to the kickstarter when it comes out.

Scene where the game crashes.

A very funny, short, and sweet game. All the characters feel believable, and their conversations keep my attention better than the dialogue in most games. 

Overall, this game is simply fun!