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Heyo. There's so many ways to break a game, and you always manage to try it at the best possible time...Cheers for doing it, though. 😁 

There have been several back-end changes since the last client release and the latest finally broke the compatibility between the two (I tried it after you commented, and saw what you meant).

The next update is a major one - reworking the question system, and it's mostly ready. So rather than spend time on hot-fixing the current issue, I've turned the server off until the next release (see note on top of the page) in a few days. 

Well, the ships spawning behaves differently whether you're in a party, and whether you're the party's leader:
- If you're in a party, only your party's leader can spawn ships for the party. And only ships meant for parties.
-If you're not in a party, you can only spawn 'The Lone Wolf' just for yourself (and that's as intended). 

I just tested it, and it was still working the same way, is it perhaps something else that you refer to? 

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Hey, fellas!

Encyclopedia Explosica is an attempt to combine learning and practicing knowledge, with some light hearted action and adventure.

Solve riddles, make your friends go boom, or get boom-ed yourself and blame the bugs and the dev.


  • Multiplayer goodness - get together with your best friend(s) and sink your lesser acquaintances!
  • Ship sailing and cannon fighting on the high sea(s)! 
  • Physics based movement! Your smart friends can't aim to save their lives? Smash your way through your opponents (beware of them smashing through you as well)!
  • Answer questions based on real-world topics / subjects! Ravaging the seven seas is all good, but let's be smart about it...
  • Dedicated server - you can always hop-in with your friends, no matter the time of day.

It's early alpha one-man effort - be gentle 😅. See something you like or you don't? You're more than welcome to hop over to Discord and let me know all about it!

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It's not the game, it's the developer! Apologies are in order! 😅
It's up and running properly now (and you can see my reply to @ElJacomo about what happened).

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Yup, I goofed on that quite a bit. My bad! But it's good to go now!
TLDR: Don't release when late and tired.

Built the new version, released the server, tested everything, all good to go...And I apparently forgot to upload it for you guys. Apologies. 😅

Great to hear! Helping each other is fully encouraged (and so is seeking outside help)! 

The pirate's dream of learning, eh? ^^

It's so nice to hear, you enjoyed it as a group (as it's ideally meant to be played)! 

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Hey there,

I'm really keen on buying, but I have a question - Is dual wielding (pistols, for example) available for this asset, or if not, is it planned at any point in the future? 

WOW! You have no idea how encouraging it is to hear that someone liked it that much! Thanks!