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Yup, I goofed on that quite a bit. My bad! But it's good to go now!
TLDR: Don't release when late and tired.

Built the new version, released the server, tested everything, all good to go...And I apparently forgot to upload it for you guys. Apologies. 😅

You have completely broke the game, i don't know how you can do that but the new version is completely broke

Heyo. There's so many ways to break a game, and you always manage to try it at the best possible time...Cheers for doing it, though. 😁 

There have been several back-end changes since the last client release and the latest finally broke the compatibility between the two (I tried it after you commented, and saw what you meant).

The next update is a major one - reworking the question system, and it's mostly ready. So rather than spend time on hot-fixing the current issue, I've turned the server off until the next release (see note on top of the page) in a few days.