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GOTY 2025

À la douche, ce gros Barre !

Cette leçon vaut bien un fromage sans doute !

I made a TikTok about this game, right here :) Thanks for this little curiosity <3

Du génie simple

C'est vraiment fantastique de réussite. J'ai passé un excellent moment à faire les 100%. Bravo !

J'ai voulu recolter l'argent comme dans tout jeu de base, ce qui a rendu ce jeu fortement politique le temps d'un instant :P Rien que pour ça, chapeau !

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Review is here ! (French & English Subtitles) 

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Hop, three new games last wednesday :)

No live this wednesday, because i'm at Gamescom. Send me your games anyway, for the next time 

00:00 - Fight Crab :

1:43:27 - Color Slayer :

1:48:40 - Roombo First Blood :

Thanks ;) I will answer you very soon <3 (Gamescom this week)

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No problem ;) It will be a pleasure to translate your game. Send me a mail :)

i'm a freelance translator myself, so in understand ;) No problem !

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Spoiler : j'ai aimé <3 

Congrats for this cool game !

Congrats for this prototype <3

It was one of my best discovery this night <3

It was one of my best discovery this night <3

It was one of my best discovery this night <3
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Sorry, i hate jumpscares :( very sorry !

New video this night :) I put you the list of the games i tried this time. Don't hesitate to continue to send me the link of your games ! <3

01:38 - A Cairn Tale :
39:45 - Hylics :
1:14:45 - Historical Adventures Daniela :
1:28:28 - Wings of Glass :
1:55:24 - Revenge of Asgaroth :
2:03:09 - Isis :
2:10:25 - OoBaCuLi Fibrous Being :
2:17:50 - Cheeky Beetle And The Unlikely Hereos :
2:37:40 - Pet The Pup At The Party :

Another idea: to be able to contact an author directly to ask him if it is possible to get a version of his game to talk about it. a REAL time saving o_o

Skywilly AT gmail DOT com :)

I can't PROMISE that I would launch it live but I will do my best to make it a future priority;)

Tellement <3

Amazing ! Thanks a lot. Tell me if you need advice or other if you need a press member to discuss of that. If i can help, it's a pleasure to me.

Hello everyone <3

So I introduce myself very quickly: Skywilly, I am the editor-in-chief of the French website Game Side Story (voluntary and independent website, without advertising, since 2011).

I've been talking about games for a very long time. In written reviews, but also in edited videos and now, I do a livestream every Wednesday night (in France:)) of discovering Itchio games.

I don't promise you fame and money, but at least a little visibility. Feel free to introduce me to your games, etc. And don't forget to check them accessible to the Press in your options <3

Good luck to all the creators and I hope I can help you, humbly, to make your games known.

Below, my latest video (there are lots of videos on my channel, but there's a Playlist if you're interested)

Good morning, everyone, 

Do you think it would be possible to add a tab in the application so that you can access the "Press" page directly when you have a validated account?

It would make my life a lot easier, I must admit <3

Thank you for this very fun & smart game !

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Thanks you for this very cool game ! 

Thank you for this amazing moment !

Thank YOU for this game !

One of our best discoveries of yesterday in livestream :) 

One of our best discoveries of yesterday in livestream :) 

One of our best discoveries of yesterday in livestream :) 




Bravo ! Je l'ai streamé ce soir et on a tous trouvé ça formidable. C'est inventif, beau, malin, super drôle et ramasser des bûches pour sauver Captain America en écoutant du Johnny a été une experience géniale à vivre. Bravo à tous ! <3