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Hello, The Chad! We greatly appreciate your constructive feedback. This time limitation is due to the low budget we have for our games. But this is about to change, as we are extending the development time of our games so we can increase their duration. We hope you'll keep checking out our upcoming games, as I assure you they will only get better over time (just look at the older titles, even though we are only two developers, we are gradually improving 😊). Also, thank you for the video!!

thank you for playing ❤️

thank you for playing ❤️

thank you for featuring me, like and subscribe 😊

thank you ❤️

Hey , thanks for the feedback, there are nv batteries, but they are very hard to see, going to fix that!

Thanks! GOing to look into it

Thank you ❤️

I did check out! Thanks for playing bro!

I did check out! THanks for playing bro!

Thank you for playing ❤️

thank you for the feedback! we hoped to bring something fresh and more unique for the demo than only jumpscares, but the full game will have all of it 😊

thank you for playing!!!

thank you for playing!!

thank you for playing! monster in the full game 👀

thank you for playing ❤️

Thank you for the feedback and for playing ❤️

thank you for playing bro! monsters in the final release 👀

thank you! will look into these crashes 🥲. Did you record today or yesterday?

thanks! just for now.

thank you for playing and the feedback!

thank you for playing

thank you for the video bro!

thanks for the feedback, I think I already fixed the issue, going to update soon.

thanks, going to look into that.

Hey! Thanks for the report, does the game crashes or only freezes the text box?

Yeah! Full version coming soon.

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We're launching a new title! Still in its demo version, Operation Revenant! Follow us on our social networks for more news.


In a fragmented Middle East ravaged by civil wars, years of covert operations culminate in Operation Revenant – the last-ditch effort to restore order. Join elite forces in this gripping tale of resilience and sacrifice, as you navigate through chaos to bring an end to the relentless turmoil that threatens the region's stability.

However, it seems that there is an even greater threat than the insurgents in the region...

I love this initiative, can't wait to print this! It's a shame I couldn't finish the Operation Revenant demo in time.

thank you for playing ❤️

thank you ❤️

Thank you very much for your analysis! We'll improve in our next games ❤️

  1. Link to the affected game page:
  2. Size of the file you’re attempting to download: 3GB
  3. Was the file recently uploaded? (If so, when?): 4 days ago
  4. Was the file uploaded using Butler? (This is only relevant for page owners): Yes
  5. Your geographical location (if you’re comfortable sharing): Brazil
  6. A brief summary of the issue - does the download cut out? Slow down? etc.: Users are saying the zip file is corrupted
  7. Are you downloading via the app or through your browser?:

Im glad it worked! Hope you like the game 😊

Check your e-mail, I send the game folder to you, to download you click on the-faceless-man-win and click on download.

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Strange, I'm uploading on google drive the folder without any compression, I'll send it to you once its finished, can you give me an e-mail so I can send it to you?

The zip file is working normally, maybe it got corrupted while you were downloading it, I recommend downloading it again. Also you need some software to extract it, if using Windows 10 or above, it automatically comes with it, if not, I recommend downloading 7zip or Winrar.

Hey! We're planning a steam version, but we don't have a date yet. The game is around 30 minutes to 2 hours long. The game is not a walking simulator, the main loop revolves around the old Slender: The Eight Pages.