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I liked this a lot. Had me laughing at my own drawings. Cute bunny design with all their different outfits. Also Disaster of Passion easy listening version is great. My only gripes are that the color scheme of this page (white text on peach) is pretty hard on my eyes and that the aspect ratio of the game window for the browser version is locked to such a large size, so I had to manually adjust the zoom in my browser. Other than that its a great little game!

Hello fellow jammers!

I am a 2D artist and programmer that loves to work on games. I'm hoping to join a smallish focused team for this jam. I'm experienced developing with Unity and GameMaker Studio. For examples of my art please check out my art Instagram @byskydesign and my projects. For examples of my code you can check out my GitHub. I'm very passionate about making games and would be very happy to start a new project. I have never made a horror game before but am excited to try. As a team member I am dedicated, transparent, and creative, with a good head for scope creep.

I hope to find my place with a team and look forward to participating in this jam.



Yeah you can't really lose. I think we wanted to have a grading system but ran out of time for that.

OMG and I tried for like 20 minutes to figure out how to beat it!

I like it, good physics and interesting reversal of the idea. Could definitely be expanded into a larger game.

Totally fun to mess around with.

I like the idea, but it's very hard to control. I think an FPS style camera is kind of awkward for this kind of game. But definitely could be polished into something really cool.

Pretty neat mechanic. Took me a sec to realize I could switch after the first guy I picked but I liked it.

I couldn't figure out the parry but its a cool idea. Good job.

Poor goblins :,(

Nice art and good game!

I can't figure out how to beat the level that's like

  • Rock, Shambler, Shambler, Rock
  • 2x Shield, 2x Lance, 2x Dual Wielder

(help me)

Pretty challenging!

Pretty fun. Controls need work. Should be able to alter launch trajectory while holding the button.

Nice game! Avalanche plus Fires is OP.

Superb. Other than it running a little slow on my machine this is a fantastic and clever little puzzle game.

Pretty cool version of the idea. I think you did a good job of making the player feel like a big slow boss enemy. I kind of wish the Hero's AI improved more noticeably beyond just dodging but overall good execution. Also very nice pixel art!

Fun little puzzler. Pretty interesting trying to figure out how to manipulate the Hero into following paths that ultimately lead to more damage. Tricky!

Ya'll crazy for this one.

Super fun, hilariously hard to control the car

Pretty fun puzzle game!

Got playing like 5 times in a row so I think it must be pretty good! It's a nice mix of luck and strategy.

Could use some kind of feedback when you are catching punches so you can tell.

This made me laugh! Thanks!

Too hard. Graphics are nice though!

Wow! Excellent anxiety simulator! I especially love how half the time I wasn't sure what I got wrong!

Cool idea, but very hard to do in the amount of time given!

I liked this game a lot! It was simple but had a cool aesthetic, a nice bit of comedy, and it was interesting to puzzle out how to keep adventurers loyal and move towards the goals. Money proved to not be any issue. If this idea was expanded at all I'd like to see ways to become friends with adventurers, other uses for money, and maybe some ways of determining how adventurers will react to quests.

Is Dropbox okay?

idk it works for me, may have to do with your region or smth

it only lets you use temporal rounds and not regular shots

At this link you can find the download. I suggest reading everything on this page and following the instructions enclosed in the download. Basically you will just be putting a .dll file into the same folder where your YomiHustle.exe file is.

As far as I can tell it appears to run the same.

nevermind found a workaround. if anyone else has this issue I recommend using this Mesa 3D OpenGL Renderer

I have a bit of an older computer and when I try to play this I get an error due to Godot using a version of OpenGL that my graphics driver doesn't support. Would it be possible to publish a version that uses GLES 2 for rendering? 

Thank you!

What is the recommended number of players for this game? How long can I expect a session to last?

Hi, this game looks like a romp! A couple questions if you have the time: 

  • How many players is recommended for this game?
  • How long would an average play session last?