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14 Goals , 930 best try yet....cmon guys, I want to know your scores, and encourage Arlasoft to develope this game a little further! =D

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Great one, I like this a lot! Although I still have to practice.^^
Can I somehow vote for it or who judges the rankings of the competition? For my taste, the best entry up to now....
This one is truly fun....after the competiton you should think about developing it further!
Add the things you already had to leave out, add a titlescreen, music, more sound effects (audience, "chants", drums, hitting the goal posts), add different game modes (f.e. "time attack mode), a (saveable) highscore list....
I would buy it.^^
I think I like this so much, because I just love Sensible Soccer and it looks a lot like it. I wonder why noone ever tried to port it to the C64.
Oh, and it reminds me of "Peter Shiltons Handball Maradonna", although there you control the goalie. Played that game a lot back in the days...

Press F5 to save Highscores, I learned that, plus I scored some 15800 points to enter the list. =)
What I meant was: A Gamer Over Screen with the actual score displayed. To see the Highscore list in addition to that, on one screen, would be nice... like: Game over , Your score, you dont have to wait in the menue for the list shown....ofc becomes obsolete if it actually IS a highscore...

But I might be the only lonely soul who finds that important anyway....=D

I tend to have strange ideas....^^
What about a rating for the training performance? After training is complete award a medal. Gold, Silver or Bronze, 0 deaths is gold, maybe 5 deaths are silver, just finishing training with more than 5 deaths is bronze.
An astronaut will get a certificate after a successful training that shows he is ready for the real task.... I think. =D
Sorry, I wont bother with more stuff...^^

Only thing that bothers me: when you die, your final score is not displayed and you are taken instantly back to the main menue. The score should be displayed on a Gamer Over screen, be it a Highscore or not.
Very nice, there is a Highscore Saver, but you have to wait until the Highscores are displayed when in the game menue. Maybe add a See Highscores option to the menue.

No more complaints.^^

Great game (if you like Jupiter Lander)! Great music, cool retro graphics. Classic 1983 oldschool look. You have 3 different vehicles to choose from, all with a different handling that also affects the score!

There is more, different levels, all unique, with different landing spots, and every level has its FxxxING OWN MUSIC!

Doubled the basic donation, now following C64 Mark, rated 5 stars!

Great game!=D

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Hehe, I asked for it =D
Cough...cough....could you....also update 1-Bit Dungeon with the Highscore saver, please? ;)
Oh....ok.....its already done....oO =DDDD
Thanks <3

Edit:Works perfectly fine!

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Seriously, I already thought to myself, "that guy is producing games like a machine, I wonder when he will need a break". Really, thats true.
Take a break, just play games instead of making them. Maybe the motiviation and fun making Games will come back.
I`m a musician. Started with Soundtracker in 1991. Since then, the motivation and the fun being creative has always returned to me, when I needed a break. I think the same goes for you. =)
Thanks for the games, no need to do more now, I havent tried them all yet. ;)
You did a good job on the graphics in 1-Bit Dungeon. Quite iconic sprites.
I`m curious: From all the games you made: Which one is your favourite?

I have a small idea: You could add a small ranking system. So that the player really has the impression of leveling up his character. Use the score for a ranking system. 
1000 points - Novice
2000 points - Squire
5000 points - Knight
10000 points - Nobleman
Like this.
That division above is just a random example, I have no idea what amount of points makes sense to advance a rank.^^

Very nice! A different and clever approach using SEUCK. The score are the XP and the lives are HP. Treasure chests for points and potions for more HP. I like the setting, I`m a fan of Dungeon crawling.
The game has an iconic graphic style and features a great soundtrack! A very good design decision to use only few colors.
It plays very smoothly, no flickering.
I think this game could have been released as a full price game back in the first half of the 80s.
I also think you cant get much more out of the SEUCK engine gamedesignwise! Very good effort! Kudos!

Hello Sarah,

on Twitter you wrote, "you have done alle you can" to Soul Force....did you finish it? Did you release it somewhere? I could not find it anywhere....I´m sure I overlooked something somewhere.....^^



Improved visibility of weapon, extra life, and bonus points "blobs", better animation of "Nessie" seamonsters. Nice.

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Yes yes YES! You know what? Version V1.1 looks A LOT better than the previous one!!!!
I dont care if there is a slight flickering on Vice (I believe its because of the patterns to darken the landscape) and there is a white line of dots appearing from time to time when flying over the now darker water).  But I dont care. ;)

To me this version looks so much better now. =)
Good effort, thanks for that! =)
I will raise my rating for the game to five stars now.
And I still need more practice, but I crossed 20.000 points. =D

What? Instant report! ;) =D
Well if the comment system had a "Like" button I would have pressed that now.^^
Should it flicker (SEUCK likes flickering) dont release it. =/

And I agree. Its still a free game and I was complaining about a tiny detail that might be a quite a load of extra work. Dont waste time for that. =)
And there is already a workaround, I could make a savestate in Vice to preserve the highscore table, if I wanted to do that.
19xxx points is my best score up to now, so I still have to achieve a score that needs to be documented for eternity. =D

Here is a game where you fly over a forest.....

The eyes maybe fooled by the other colors but the green looks darker here.
Or its the overall technique, mixing it up with brown (and even some grey directly on the trees, just saw that).
Sorry for still bothering, but I wanted to show you that.

About the Highscore table: People mainly use .D64 I think, At least I only use .D64 if its available. I dont know why people might want to use  the other variations. CRT (cartridge) maybe, because it loads faster?

Saveable highscores are always appreciated by most people I guess.
At least people using .prg or .crt cannot complain about a non saved highscore then. =D

Solid action title. The music is ace! Adds much to the game.
The dragon sprite is well drawn.
I`m sorry, but most of the background gxf need improvement. Mainly the colors bother me. Red/brown waves and turqouise water...argh. ;) I think it needs a darker blue.
The player sprite contrast on the woodland/forest level....argh. ;)
It needs a darker green. I know, the colors on the C64 are limited.
Both settings need to be darker in order to have a better contrast to the player sprite.
I have no idea what techniques have to be used to achieve that.

Positive: The red desert level...I like that one a lot. A pleasant choice of colors, cool enemies (giant ants in the holes) and a nice lighting effect on the rocks.

Please dont be disappointed when I wrote down some criticism, Its obvious that you put a lot of effort into the FREE game.

I would also like to have a saveable highscore table, Is that even possible to code in SEUCK?

Whhheee, thank you!!! <3
Its really harder now and I think it even increases over time, or did I just get inattentive? =D
Updated my rating to full 5 stars now!
17.680 points at the first try. =D

Oh, cool!! =D
I am looking forward to it! =)

I dont know where the ratings for a game are shown...but I rated this game 4 stars. Its challenging (at least for me, Im a terrible gamer^^) and I like the cute car sprites. =D

I just tried Death Battle and its a lot harder....=D
Like I`ve said...just do it if you feel motivated to. I have no idea what an amount of work and time you might have to invest, to make it harder.

Make two versions...the original one (with the sprites updated) for the small kids and some kind of a "redux" version with an increasing level of difficulty, the longer you manage to stay alive. For the big kids (like me) that would be. =D
Well...if it is worth the effort for you. Personally, I believe it would be worth it. The overall design has something special (at least for me) , everything...well I cant find words for that, it just feels better, more complete than the usual SEUCK shooter....

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I saw the screenshots and wanted to play it.^^
Obviously its been made for small kids?
I really like the graphic design.
And I would like to play it, but it is just too easy.
I even created an account just to write this comment, that I would like to have an adult version, that is more of a challenge and with an increasing level of difficulty....=D
I rated it with 3 Stars, a more difficult version would get 5 of them....^^