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Yes yes YES! You know what? Version V1.1 looks A LOT better than the previous one!!!!
I dont care if there is a slight flickering on Vice (I believe its because of the patterns to darken the landscape) and there is a white line of dots appearing from time to time when flying over the now darker water).  But I dont care. ;)

To me this version looks so much better now. =)
Good effort, thanks for that! =)
I will raise my rating for the game to five stars now.
And I still need more practice, but I crossed 20.000 points. =D

Yeah it's the Pattern that makes it look like it's flicking, but not all screens show it, my Raspberry PI 3 insdide a pi-top laptop does not have the flicker when running this game with Vice but does have the white line problem on the water, and glad you like the new version.