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I saw the screenshots and wanted to play it.^^
Obviously its been made for small kids?
I really like the graphic design.
And I would like to play it, but it is just too easy.
I even created an account just to write this comment, that I would like to have an adult version, that is more of a challenge and with an increasing level of difficulty....=D
I rated it with 3 Stars, a more difficult version would get 5 of them....^^

As it was a Cute em Up i did not see the point of making it hard as as i thought it might only be something Kids would play but i'm not happy with some of the Sprites so i may update some sprites and make it harder at a later Date.

Make two versions...the original one (with the sprites updated) for the small kids and some kind of a "redux" version with an increasing level of difficulty, the longer you manage to stay alive. For the big kids (like me) that would be. =D
Well...if it is worth the effort for you. Personally, I believe it would be worth it. The overall design has something special (at least for me) , everything...well I cant find words for that, it just feels better, more complete than the usual SEUCK shooter....

I may only do an update to the Sprites for the Harder/Adult Version then again i might not, I will also have to cut down the play area screen size so the top and bottom are not playable so i can tighten up the attack waves to help make it harder, If you look at some of my other games you will see i don't use the whole playable screen, the whole screen is 5 blocks high but to make games harder/tighter i use only 3 blocks that way attacks waves are closer and more of a problem for the Player.

I just tried Death Battle and its a lot harder....=D
Like I`ve said...just do it if you feel motivated to. I have no idea what an amount of work and time you might have to invest, to make it harder.

Started working on Hardcore mode, might take a day or 2.

Oh, cool!! =D
I am looking forward to it! =)

It should be downloadable Now.