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Hey, thank you for the kind words! We can say that we have made a new game that was released on Steam at the end of June! The Blobs Fight is a local-multiplayer party game with support for up to 8 players!

Check out the game's page here:

We are still supporting the game and have a set of patches and updates coming as well!


The game is a Windows game.


Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoyed the game! 

For the issues you mentioned and encountered, I would like to say that we are aware of them and have learned many things since the release of this game. As this was our university final project, we learned a great deal and tried new things. That being said, we very much appreciate the feedback. 

We really love these characters and universe we created and are glad that others do too!

Thank you for playing,

SkyPyre Studios

Hey! Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :D

Wow! Thank you so much! We really appreciate it :D

Do not fear! We have not forgotten Halen and Sharp and we will be revisiting this universe in the future!

Glad you found it haha! Hope you enjoy playing!

This is a really cool DIY game! Love how powerful the gun shots are. The color choices are awesome and the overall simple shapes aesthetic works so well! 

I don't know why those other blue circle dudes want you dead, but good thing you know how to make weapons XD

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At the moment we are focusing on other projects. If ever we do revisit this game, we may discuss the possibility of adding subtitles.

Glad you like the game. The AI isn't the most advanced, we admit but if you stop moving, you will die quickly. As long as you are always moving, you should be pretty good.

Thank you very much! Yes, she did an excellent job. But don't forget the other characters ;) All the actors were splendid

Happy to hear that you enjoyed playing!