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Hey thank you for the feedback,

Uploaded a fixed version of the game, tell me if that works for you.

This game is a masterpiece. Good vibes too. 

I was a bit disappointed that slaying the monsters with golf balls was a bad thing, rather than a good one.  

This game is a masterpiece.

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Hello, I'm the level designer and thank you for your feedback.

We had to make some tough calls about content, anything that wasn't working 100% of the time had to be cut due to time constraints but we do plan on adding more content in the future to the game. A bug-free experience was more important to us than having broken content, things that work 100% of the time 80% of time just won't do.

For example, one of the major bugs we encountered was teleportation across the entire map during grinding to different rails! Maybe we could have spun it as feature? Hmmm.

 Thank you for playing & look for future updates!

Fun game! Really needs some workout music in the background.

I just spammed clicked and I think I won, my favorite kinda game.

Fun game, looks and feels good!

Bros, we're done for.  Those thighs  could crush a watermelon!

How do I win?

I can't download it or see it's page.

Enjoyed the music and visuals but I did not like using WASD/Arrow keys for this game.  Is there a way to get an xbox controller to work through WebGL?