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I made a new game with 0.43 and like it a lot - researching, unlocking the tech tree and all that.,, but one thing is a bit odd/sad. The rain collector thing seems to be useless now - no rain in (until now) 23 days on endless? Wow, what a barren land...

Is that really how it is right now, or am I just very unlucky? Seems to make farming a bit useless... at least we have those trees to survive (speaking of - being able to relocate them would be very nice).

I tried and didn't get a crash. With a free slot I could cancel the queue and collect the ore - with full inventory I got a "inventory full can''t collect" message (and I think it didn't cancel the queue). But no crash, in several attempts.

Windows 10, Intel CPU, NVIDIA GPU.

In another run (endless this time) I have done it that way, also mostly cooking stuff that doesn't need water. So with water I am fine now... but seeds seem to be a problem. There is just no way to keep the greenhouse(s) running all the time self sustained (I know this is intended, but still....).
I wish we could move the trees with the orange fruits :)

It doesn't show up under "My collections" (in the pull-down-menu next to your user in the upper-right corner)?

The map shows the base as yellow dots (getting bigger, the more you build there) and yourself as white one.

The comm tower adds a pointer to the base in the normal view.

Same here - saw the video and did an instant buy :)

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Fixing the Rain Collector surely worked *laughing*, no more "free water" it seems.

I joined the fun today and having a blast so far. Water seems somewhat scarce now. Having collected all the ice around base I thought the rain collector would do the trick, but it rained only twice in 6 days so far, giving me a total of 4 bottles out of one collector. Seeing that the greenhouses take water really fast - and that cooking requires water too - I think it is might be too few water now available, in the long run.