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Seeds from Greenhouse/Water from Water Supply module

A topic by PancakeSquid created 20 days ago Views: 82 Replies: 5
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I have no idea if it's been discussed yet, but there's two things I think would be nice to see changed.

First is to increase the rate of the seeds gotten from the greenhouse when harvesting 'plants'. At the rate it is now, you have to go outside into the world to continue getting more seeds in order to plant in your greenhouse. I feel it should, at some level, be sustainable by itself so you don't have to do that anymore. Although, if it's intentionally like this in order to encourage more exploration, then I understand.

Second is to allow players to take water out of the Water Supply module. This is in order for us to be able to take the water and use it in cooking recipes. 

Also, I have no idea if this is intentional either, but with the rain collector connected to my water supply, my water supply continuously gains water, even though it hasn't rained since the start of the game. I have never collected from my rain collector. This may be a bug or maybe this is how it works and I don't understand?


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I'm not the dev but from what I've seen, it's a bug.
There's no way the fact that the water collector gives "free water" is intentional.
As for a little more insight :
A single Water Collector gives +1 Water per seconds.
For now, I'm going at +10 water per seconds with 10 Water Collectors.
It can only be a bug since the water is almost absolutely useless right now. I have 250+ ice patch in my storage waiting to be used and I already made 50+ Oxygen Bottles..

I think it could be a good idea to increase the rate of seed drop while harvesting greenhouses, or at least having 2 seeds per drop instead of 1.
Right now I have 15 greenhouses and there's rounds where the 15 plants doesn't even give a single seed which is.. Kinda sad when you think about it. Big farms are useless at this state of the game.
I don't think it'll be good to have a really high drop pourcentage as it will be way too overpowered and will defeat the goal of the game to "explore".
For now greenhouses are more like "bonuses" if you ever need to craft food.
Since you can at least survive for a good 150+days without having to go really far from your base (Stew giving 1day of food)

I..am not sure why you really want to take water out of the Water Supply, since you actually put the water in it in the first place. (Unless you want to abuse the Water Collector + Water Supply bug :D)  It's pretty much the player who has to manage properly their drops if you want my opinion. If the ice/water was being wasted after being in a storage for several days and you "had to" put it in a Water Supply to keep it fresh or something then I would understand.
Right now you can just stock your water in a storage and use it in a Water Supply if you want to supply your greenhouses in water.
If being able to take water out of the Water Supply is "adopted", then I think it should ask for a certain item for being able to "take back" the water. 
Like "Okay, you did a wrong move putting water in it. Pay the price."

Quite good ideas, I think. It's great to see other players being invested in this game :D
PS : I'm sorry if I can sound rude or anything, It's not my native language and i'm trying my best to give good arguments !


Thanks for the feedback and discussion!

I'm definitely going to look into the issue with the Rain Collector / Water Supply - hadn't noticed that happening before.

Yeah, I'm kind of torn on the drop rate of seeds in the Greenhouse, there's definitely a lot of food to found in the world right now. Will have to think about how best to balance it. I want the greenhouses to be *useful*... which they only are if you have seeds. But don't want them to be toooo self-sustaining.

I think like the idea of being able to take water back out of the Water Supply tanks, seems like it'd make sense. Just need to figure out how the interaction would best work (and keeping it simple and easily understandable to the player).



Couple of these will be addressed/tweaked in the next build (0.38)

I've fixed the Rain Collectors->Water Supply issue (having a Rain Collector connected to a base will no longer constantly add water to it).

Also increased the chance of a seed being dropped from the Greenhouse plants. Before, it only had a 30% chance of giving you as seed. Now it'll be a 55% chance.

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Nice! Thank you for being active within the community. :) 

A little scared because it means I cant bug abuse the water and I've only ever had it rain once but I'll get over it :p. Also I don't know if I ever explained why I suggested being able to take water out, but it was because I do believe some of the cooking recipes require water so if your only source of water is now suddenly the rain collector/water storage, it would be nice to be able to take water out of those areas.


And thank you for providing feedback :)  Really helps me focus on ways to improve the late-stages of gameplay... that admittedly, I don't get to very often when testing haha.

Maybe having ice in the world replenish a bit after rainstorms could be cool, as a way of making it so that players don't have to travel super far if they've already collected all the nearby ice... but as you said, rainstorms don't happen very often.

But thinking more about taking water back out of the Water Supply modules... here's a few random thoughts that I've had about it so far, and how maybe it could work:

- Click on water supply -> opens UI popup for depositing ice or water, or retrieving water.  Pretty simple, functional, not terribly exciting.

- Add a new "kitchen" habitat module (which I've considered a few times before) - where most food crafting would happen later in the game. The idea being it could craft more complex food items (or make them more efficiently)...  and it could consume the needed amount of water automatically from your base's supply, instead of requiring you to have it in your inventory.

- Make a "cheap" to craft, outdoor "water tap/faucet" module - that just lets you retrieve water bottles that are filled via the connected base's Water Supply.

I'll probably try the popup or faucet thing as a first try - since they'd require the least amount of design considerations. So stay tuned, hopefully one of those will make it into the next build :)