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You are right about the music. I lost the audio when my network drive crashed and that is one of the things that will be updated soon. My plan is to make the music ramp up when enemies appear but i am still looking into that.

I am also looking into Optimizing, I notice the game would lag at the beginning and near the middle of the game. i added some tweaks to the next build but i still have some work to do on that

Thank you for the feedback. I will keep all of this into Consideration while I am working on the next set of updates.

I would like to submit “2D platform level theme song” and “modular walls asset pack” if possible.

I Created My first 3D Asset Pack. Created in Unity, it is a collection of walls and assets that will assist when creating a room. There are currently modern office assets like desks and file cabinets to fill in more of the room and more items, as well as materials and room combinations will be created and added to the asset as time progresses. It will be on sale for $7.50 for at least one month, then I will go up to its original price of $15.00.  Hopefully this Modular Walls Asset Pack comes in handy for other game developers.