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Nice game and great art well done

game idea is great keep working on it😁

This game like io website games i mean , you understand me maybe full version is very good for public on it website.

this game like pubg and rocket league diffrent concept i like it

Thanks again, I actually tried to make the mechanics of going to the door he wanted, and I was going to add different mechanics, but there was no time and errors occurred, I'm glad you had fun, I don't know if I should make the game as a full version, I'm developing a game for steam right now, maybe I can publish it as a full version on steam.

good job your first jam man keep working too :)

good job your first jam man keep working too :)

great and cute graphics the game is completely beautiful but I couldn't quite figure out the gameplay I think the level designs are pretty good too .

It's really hard to play but its good concept

I love it this game, it has an interesting gameplay with a very interesting camera point of view and it's nice that there are different types of creatures and you can take them as alliances, I hope this game will be developed more and released on mobile or wherever. 

The game has a different perspective and gameplay in general I liked the graphics mechanics and music .

i like this game so chill, if it comes out as a two player multiplayer game on mobile, it will definitely catch on. It is not much different from normal puzzle games, but it is perfect for those who want to hang out calmly.

This game can be improved more, the graphics it uses can be played if a feature that can stand out from normal tower defense games that add a different perspective is added.

hey, the game logic is different and interesting, but the gameplay was difficult, honestly I couldn't defend for a long time, but still good work, keep up the good work :)

thanks bro you too :)


I just added in-game engine optimization.
photoshop and illustrator.
yes I tried to make some of the mechanics I wanted but I removed them from the game because I didn't have time.

for the game idea I thought of a complicated mechanic that is opposite and interconnected and I wanted the characters to match it.

thanks bro

the game is good in terms of logic, but the playing keys are very confusing, otherwise the map is a bit tiring, but the characters and creatures are suitable for the game

cat is so cute bro, i like design and game art

This game like amoung us, i like it bro keep working well done

thanks man, 

The shadow is not the companion of the light but its enemy. Because behind this story the shadow is actually an invisible person. Under the light, only his silhouette, his shadow, is visible. While invisible, the shadow can do anything, but since the light is its opposite, it will be able to detect its bad behavior. In short, you can think of the shadow as a bad person and the light as a good person😁

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thanks man, I actually had a lot of ideas in my mind to add more mechanics, but since it was a jam game and I couldn't spare time, I removed most of them and put them in jam in their plain form, maybe if there is enough support and positive response, I will continue to update the game :)

Thanks man, I might consider developing this idea further if I get more positive feedback

thanks bro , i fixed something else in game

Thanks for advice, Maybe i will give some updates but idk. I am making a game for steam so i need to focus that. Maybe i will update this game and add the steam.

Thanks for the advice, I actually had a few different mechanics to add about the game, but I had to cancel them due to lack of time. I didn't realize the mistake you mentioned at the end, thanks :)

Thanks bro, First of all, I didn't have the opportunity to adjust much for the mechanics of passing through the wall, there are errors and I couldn't set the crossing points exactly zero. I fixed the errors, you can try again when I update :) I was also given about 10 days, but I couldn't work much because of my work. But I'm glad you like the idea.

Hello! Your artworks are perfect ! Can I use it?