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Thanks a  lot for your feedback! I'll consider implementing what you've just suggested (but don't promise as I rarely come back to finished projects if ever). Glad to know it's fun to play) I also would like to expand it one day, but probably it's too ambitious for now, so at least I'll try to make an update)

YAY! A video from you is such a gift!  Duuude, as always, you made my day! It was so fun to watch!

XD I'm laughing out loud! Thanks a lot for the video it was so fun to watch)))



It was fun to watch) Thanks a lot for the video!

Haha, thanks for the feedback ^_^

Cute and well done. 

Thanks, but it's defininitely not me cuz I spent much more than 3 hours on it's development.

Thanks! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! A rough sketch on a piece of paper and a bowl of spaghetti code turned into someting fun which I didn't expect to happen.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to know that you had fun!

Many thanks! Yeah, I;m definitely gonna evolve it) I've already made an update with combos.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Pretty neat game


Cool idea! Definitely should add combos or something like that.

Many thanks!

Thanks for the useful feedback! Sure, I'll add combos after the jam, I didn't even think about it.

Awesome! Thank you ^_^

Many thanks! Glad to know that you enjoyed it ^_^

Thanks! The game is not complete but I wanted to submit something anyway. So it is what it is :/

So, I'm glad you managed to crash cars! 

Genius concept! All these game mechanics are so cohesive and perfectly deliver the experience of what it's like to be a game.


Thank! Yeah, I know, it doesn't fit the theme but it was supposed to fit it. It was supposed to be a game about a traffic controller who intentionally crashes the cars on this crossroad. Unfortunately I'm not good at management so I missed the deadline but decided to submit this crap anyway. 

Thanks a lot for the video, but unfortunately it's not finished and there is nothing beside the visual.

Thanks, I'm so glad that you love the soundtrack 

I wanted to smash cars by changing their trajectories so that they would crash into each other.  Unfortunately, I didn't manage to make it and I ended up with that meaningless scene.

Sure, it's unfinished

Thanks, at first I didn't want to submit but finally I decided to show at least something even though it's completely not what it was supposed to be(

Thanks! ^_^

Awesome, I'm so happy!


Cool video! Thanks a lot!

Thansk! Haha, sorry for bugs with falling though the ground) Never encountered it, probably I have to clapm Player's position to prevent this from happening. 

AWESOME! Thank you so much for the video)


Thanks! Glad to know that you enjoyed it  ^_^ Btw you are better at serving sun god than I am :D