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Thank you so much!

I'm glad that you enjoyed it!  Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the video!

Thank! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it)

Wow! Thank you so much for such a fun and exciting video! Sorry for so long, haven't checked itch io for a while


Very interesting concept! Amazing game!

Many thanks! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the game and recorded the video ^_^ I promse, development continues! 


Wow! Thank you for including my game in your guide! That's really pleasant to know that someone still cares about my old Cornflakestein)

Thanks a lot for the video! I'm really appreciate it)

Of course! I've got so much positive feedback! I definitely should continue the development! Currently my main focus is on a christmas side project, but I'm planning to turn Lighthouse of the Dead into a full-fledge game. First of all, I'm going to add more content. Since the beginning of the development I tried to make my code architecture more or less modular and reusable so that I could easily create new dismemberable enemies, for example. But I still have some giant monster classes, cases of coupling here and there, and other dirty stuff that makes me feel headache.  So, my primary concern is to clean all the mess I left, and make my workflow as smooth as possible in order to provide a good product in the long term. I wanna realize all my bloody FPS fantasies with this game, make a bunch of levels and add boss fights. 

Awesome video! I really enjoyed watching it) And thanks for finding bugs, that helps a lot!

Fantastic video! Thank you so much, I'm really appreciate it ^_^

Thank you! I can't even express how glad I am that you enjoyed my game) I promise, I'll keep it up! 

Such a great video! Thank you so much! It's so pleasant to see someone playing my quite an ancient project)))

Nice game. Love the minimalistic graphics style but the time between events was too long, anyway it was fun experience!

I'm scared :0 But it was fun! :D Awesome game, don't know why, but the beginning reminded me of the first "Thief"

Pretty cute game, I enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I keep working on the project and I promise, I'll fix all the mistakes that you mentioned)))

Such a wonderful game, it's quite meditative and very relaxing.

I really enjoyed the game, it was so fun to run away from these invincible clowns! The aesthetic is on a high level, idk why but the family of cannibal clowns reminded me of Rob Zomby's movie "House of 1000 corpses". All these unique crazy characters that are trying to catch you inside a house, haha) Cool game!

Such a nice video! Thank you!

So, sooner or later I'm gonna add the boss. I keep working on the project, the current version is a kind of demo.

Such an amazing video! Dudes, thank you so much, it was really fun to watch!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the video! I'm really appreciate it) 

I'm glad that you enjoyed it) Thank you for the video!

Thank you so much! It's such a weird feeling, I worked on this project for quite a while without any feedback and relied only on my intuition, and now I see that I made something fun! I can't even describe how glad I am ^_^ 

I'll let you know)

Thank you so much for the video and your feedback! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. I've worked on this game for quite a while without any publicity and started being afraid of being able to find the audience. Now I see that my fear was unjustified :D I'm gonna continue the development, add more weapon, enemies, and bosses! Luckily, I thought about it in advance and the architecture of my code allows me to extend the game without too much headache.

Thank you for such a profound comment! I'm glad that you enjoyed it) And especially thanks for the useful feedback. Yeah, I planned to make this game bigger but I hadn't shown it to anyone till one week before the release. I needed feedback in order to decide whether anyone is actually would be interested in my game. Luckily, my expectations are satisfied and I see that I should continue the development))) 

I made the enemies spongy on purpose cuz I knew that it's gonna be satisfiable. Also, I should definitely do something about the enemies in the background. Maybe I should make a new animation for zombies of them getting out of the ground so that they could be hidden from the Player at first.

Awesome video! I'm really appreciate it, thank you!

Incredible video! I'm laughing out loud XD Thank you, dude! You are the best!

Ok, I'll let you know.

Amazing video! Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for the video! It was so fun to watch)

Thank you so much for the video! 

Thanks :D

Thank you so much for the video! I'm really appreciate it)