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Posted in Bug Reports

Also side note, glitch can be exploited rn for anyone who lost all their money investing their newest ore by making every customer buy a great hammer/sword with my first point above. Just dont have any item within reach for the customer to avoid this bug.

Posted in Bug Reports

Version 0.0731
So the gettin paid less than what it is glitch:
I can make the customer accept any item I want by placing the item on the bench and then quickly bringing the wanted item in its vincinity and then back out. It seems like he'll grab any item closest to him once the right weapon has been detected. 
Also this seems to glitch out and mess up when you decide to hold the right weapon in their face but he/she grabs a different weapon resulting in much monies lost in investment on an item.

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If you've seen a game called puzzle forge 2 where it makes legendary weapons if certain pieces are made together that'll be real cool. But definitely can see aspects of that game implemented here.