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I'm liking it a lot after turning up the gamma, but I seem to be stuck in finding a way to light the upstairs and maybe the closet under the stairs. Need to play it on my desktop instead of the laptop, though. :\

EDIT: Nevermind; gamma change took effect after a game restart.

Seems to be another solid effort by you, sir. Well done!

Superb update, Tillion!

Lots of area and content added, showing us that you've got a well-conceived plan in mind for this, which gets me jazzed up for becoming a backer of your work.

The fairly vague yet hinted-at storyline is quite well fleshed out for an introduction; artwork and visuals are of very high caliber, convincingly portraying an abandoned place; gameplay mechanics are first-rate; the overall mood is top-notch for my tastes. This presses all my buttons for what I like about an adventure game.

I'll be one of your first Kickstarter supporters.

P.S.: I know something about abandoned places; I've explored and photographed an abandoned mental hospital, among other locations. You've set the appearance extremely well for such.

If you've played any of the 10 Gnomes games, by the same author, you can expect more from the Daymare series.

The 10 Gnomes games were surprisingly difficult in some ways. You're sure you were just there, but there's something you missed.

The Daymare series continues this trend, but on a different plateau. Instead of hammering at photographs of the artist's ideas, you're now dealing with his ideas of how to make the gameplay interesting, and placing it all into his own vision of a game.

The artwork and drawing is superb, sound effects are subtle yet important, details must be closely watched, scenes must be scrutinized, and never forget to look for coins!

The Daymare series goes far beyond the 10 Gnomes series, providing a far higher level of development and thinking. It's a fairly devious series of games, while a lot of fun to play.

No worries, Tillion.

It's an extremely solid prologue, with excellent potential, and I loved it. I contributed because I like what you've provided, and I'd love to see the game fleshed-out into a more comprehensive experience.

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Excellent effort; I liked it a lot.

My first playthrough must have glitched, because I got the water and power sorted out, but no lights or final door.Another playthrough was successful, though.

It's got a creepy atmosphere without jump-scares and gore, and I enjoyed the exploration. I'd like to see a full-on game developed from this, continuing in the same atmosphere. It's got a similar vibe to Dark Hope, which I enjoyed immensely: A mysterious location of unknown purpose; puzzles that fit the game setting; exploration, etc...

(Full disclosure: Dark Hope contains number puzzles which are not base-10 such as we use daily, which I do not understand well.)

Church Of Stratum is exactly the sort of game that gets me involved, and I look forward to a fully fleshed-out game based on this prologue.

Good stuff, Tillion!

EDIT to add: I just contributed via the download link, but could only increase my contribution to $12 US. I wanted to make it $15 or $20, but the portal didn't let me.

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Basement/subterranean door does not open for me onto the harbor.
Is this a bug?

Love the game so far, but this seems to be holding me back.
I had trouble with the sonic emitter also, but I probably didn't understand it completely. Gameplay video shows nothing I haven't already done.

Nevermind, I figured it out. It takes a hold on the mouse button, rather than a click.

Great stuff, Oxbane!

I went through this a few months ago, as presented by a third-party site, and found that it entirely creeped me out.  This developer has nailed the ominous atmosphere perfectly, while gameplay has just the right amount of ominous atmosphere, while not delivering slash-and-hack or combat elements to the experience, which is my ideal.

Micaka presents an entirely ominous exploration through a seemingly-abandoned home somewhere, while tension only builds along the journey, while the surprises in-game are not jump-scares, while they served to make me provide my own jump-scares. This is unique, as jump-scares are used too commonly with so-called 'Horror' games.

This Game or Demo is a fantastic display of how the genre can be realized, and illustrates how well independent developers are able to realize their creations.

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Erotica aside, this is an extremely well-imagined storyline.

I've replayed it a few times in an attempt to understand how the story varies at various crucial decision points, which are made obvious, and I've arrived at some surprises.

Even though this is not a traditional 'adventure' experience as defined by most, I get that vibe from it. While mostly a passive Visual Novel, there are decisions to be made which affect the outcome of future events, so kudos to the crew for that.

It's a very compelling story so far, and I'm interested to see where it goes. There's a bit of Star Trek:TNG feeling to this, which I enjoyed back in the day. Anyone remember Q?

My only gripes, and they're minor, is with punctuation and grammatical things. Sentences such as "But, the captain, decided there would be none of it" should be "But, the captain decided there would be none of it" or even "But the captain decided there would be none of that". This sort of grammatical misuse is rampant throughout. There's also a huge misuse of the words "Your", "You're", and "You", all of it making for a somewhat confusing dialogue to native-English speakers.