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If you've played any of the 10 Gnomes games, by the same author, you can expect more from the Daymare series.

The 10 Gnomes games were surprisingly difficult in some ways. You're sure you were just there, but there's something you missed.

The Daymare series continues this trend, but on a different plateau. Instead of hammering at photographs of the artist's ideas, you're now dealing with his ideas of how to make the gameplay interesting, and placing it all into his own vision of a game.

The artwork and drawing is superb, sound effects are subtle yet important, details must be closely watched, scenes must be scrutinized, and never forget to look for coins!

The Daymare series goes far beyond the 10 Gnomes series, providing a far higher level of development and thinking. It's a fairly devious series of games, while a lot of fun to play.