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Erotica aside, this is an extremely well-imagined storyline.

I've replayed it a few times in an attempt to understand how the story varies at various crucial decision points, which are made obvious, and I've arrived at some surprises.

Even though this is not a traditional 'adventure' experience as defined by most, I get that vibe from it. While mostly a passive Visual Novel, there are decisions to be made which affect the outcome of future events, so kudos to the crew for that.

It's a very compelling story so far, and I'm interested to see where it goes. There's a bit of Star Trek:TNG feeling to this, which I enjoyed back in the day. Anyone remember Q?

My only gripes, and they're minor, is with punctuation and grammatical things. Sentences such as "But, the captain, decided there would be none of it" should be "But, the captain decided there would be none of it" or even "But the captain decided there would be none of that". This sort of grammatical misuse is rampant throughout. There's also a huge misuse of the words "Your", "You're", and "You", all of it making for a somewhat confusing dialogue to native-English speakers.

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Thank you for the kind words.  Glad you have enjoyed it and love the breakdown between VN and Adventure.  Q is definitely an inspiration for Arkol in Episode 5 in ways.

As for your gripe... it bothers me too, but I have to program and do all the artwork and write everything.  That includes a lot of late night and a lot of tired writing (especially now with Episode 9 with a newborn in the house and a second job).

The next Patreon goal is to bring my long standing editor for the Starship Inanna short stories in and having him take a pass on the code and everything to get rid of those pesky errors.

Hope that helps.