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I meant 16:9 aspect

It was the UI scale. It is made for 1080p.

It is mouse only.
Oh and the window is 1080p so my UI is scaled well.

It is my game but worse.
By worse I mean it has worse graphics and like the movement is not so solid.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Going to play your game.

Nice graphics but the game itself is not forgiving because you must start at the begining of the game

Very good game It kept me playing for a long time and I think those cans that you pickup should allow you to do fuel boosts

The cockpit view was wierd it would fit for a 3D game and I was very stuck anyways good game

Hard but nice audio the planets did need some more variation overall great game

Was pretty good for a prototype though it needed a few more levels

Really wierd and confusing

no emojis allowed

it is to early still

I fixed it it is 72 hours

The name of the discord has been changed but we will keep the jam name this

GDC stands for Game Dev Community Server sorry if a confused you


I will use Unity and good luck with Godot

thanks vimlark

thanks for the feedback

nice game it has great sounds a visuals and polish well done!

I think maybe though I made it to hard

anyways thanks for the feedback will play your game

thanks for the feedback I will play your game

we will get to work on improving it and making it good

it is very fun and polished! though the player gets stuck on walls

the reaction time is to low

good game overall the art and the idea the only thing is that it is to hard

it is an uzi

there is one in the project it just dosent show up

thanks for playing the game I know that the short sword is bugged

there is music it is bugged


checkout my game her

please check out my game

the game was a little weird did'nt understand the concept

overall nice game

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thanks for the feedback will play your game now

this was a team effort

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There is an audio setting issue. Before you start playing please go to the options menu and click on the sound slider. It will fix the issue!

nice try me