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Thank you so much!

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This is incredible. I've been searching for genuinely original uses of the VN format and this delivered above and beyond. TBH if you would be interested in working/collaborating with a sound designer at all, I'd love to help out.

This is really lovely! I'm not fully clear on the controls, but a few notes on the game's page could clear that up easily. The glowly giant moon and gentle animations really captured the feel of the story you were inspired by.

Hi fellow Calvino jammers,

My game, Inscrutable Cities, is behind a paywall, but I'd like anyone in this jam to be able to check it out for free if they like. I generated two dozen download keys that must be claimed to be used, and I don't really mind if you share any spares with friends if you find them:

Hopefully this is not too spammy, I just wan't sure of a more straightforward way to share them here.

Happy Autumn!


Got it! Feel free to edit a [redacted] or delete. :)

I am, yes! What's the best way to contact you to send you a draft? Thank you!

Oh wonderful, thank you!!!

Could it be acceptable to submit a game that is not free to this jam if community copies or download keys are made available to the other members of the jam?

I understand the necessity to make it easy for the submissions to be played in order to be evaluated, but I also (am lucky enough to) have people who are familiar with my work that are eager to support my project financially, and I (am unlucky enough that I) don't actually have other income right now besides independent projects.

I'm also making a (mostly) Invisible Cities (with a dash of Castle of Crossed Destinies and Cosmicomics) game. :) For me I'm working from the way that individual word choice and vocabulary accumulate to construct meaning akin to literal building.

Game prompt for the taking since I'm going in a very different direction. From the afterward of my edition of The Castle of Crossed Destinies/The Tavern of Crossed Destinies:

"For a certain time it was my intention to write also a third tarot deck fairly different from the other two. But then, instead of going on raving over the same medieval-Renaissance symbols, I thought of creating a sharp contrast, repeating an analogous operation with modern visual material... I thought of comic strips, of the most dramatic, adventurous, frighting ones: gangsters, terrified women, spacecraft, vamps, war in the air, mad scientists... The Motel of Crossed Destinies. Some people who have survived a mysterious catastrophe find refuge in a half-destroyed motel, where only a scorched newspaper page is left, the comics page... I went no further than the formulation of the idea as I have just described it. My theoretical and expressive interests had moved off in other directions." - Italo Calvino

This is a really great demo! The overall design/art/layout is beautiful, and the sound really did add a lot for me. Heading out to a maybe-spooky house with no cell service is classic, and what I liked most here was the way the player choices help build mood-- if I ask all the questions I can on the phone I feel like I sound paranoid and naive, and then suddenly I'm wondering if I'll regret actions as small as locking doors and closing curtains. - Everyone on the Moon is Essential Personnel e-book! Normally $10, happy to see it included if desired.

Try this!

Sorry for the delay fixing it! Here you go:

I think we've fixed it!

NP! We gotcha:

It does not! At least not a dedicated one, though we could probably set one up if there's enough interest. - Julian

Thanks! I didn't realize there'd be a desire for mp3s (smaller) since I'm so used to people wanting the highest quality files for design use (wav, bigger), but that makes sense.

Hi Itch! My debut short story collection, EVERYONE ON THE MOON IS ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL, came out the first week of March 2020. Due to the worldwide health situation, my release events and tour have been cancelled indefinitely, and my publisher gave me permission to offer the ebook directly:


I summarize it as "Sixteen stories of mid-apocalyptic science fabulism, body horror fairy tales, queer Catholic cyberpunk, and blue-collar resistance." While I know this site is mostly games, I decided to add this to my Itch projects because it's kind of short stories for fans of things like Night in the WoodsDisco ElysiumKentucky Route Zero, and Dream Apart/Dream Askew, for example.

Thanks so much for checking it out!

- Julian

Gorgeous and meticulous-- wow!